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5 Approaches To Infuse Your SMM Designs With Salvador Dali’s Energy

by Hanna Rudenko
dali design principles

It would seem that the rules of the geniuses of painting and SMM are from different poles. In fact, these worlds may have many in common. Those who create content for social networks today can successfully use creative approaches of art masters.

So, one of the most outrageous artists of the 20th century, Salvador Dali, left many important rules for the next generations. It doesn’t matter if you draw oil paints or create designs in a graphic online editor, Dali design rules are quite helpful.

We have gathered 5 universal rules of creativity of the great surrealist and show how to use them – using the example of Crello designs and content of major brands.

1.Repeat after the masters

The rebellion was a distinctive creative characteristic of Dali, but in order to properly undermine the foundations, he first needed to understand them. He spent a lot of time studying the classics – Raphael, Velasquez, Vermeer – and absorbed their techniques and traditions. Salvador Dali said: “Those who do not want to imitate anything, produce nothing.”

Learn the features and approaches of iconic artists and trends and copy them by adding your own notes. Discover interesting artists and be inspired by their decisions. Here are 5 Instagram accounts for quick reference search:

  • TATE — art galleries in UK (the largest collection of British art)
  • MOMA — Museum of Modern Art in New York
  • Subfoldr — surreal illustrations, posters and photos from around the world
  • Filmartgallery — vintage movie posters
  • WeLoveIllustration — arts of web-illustrators from all over the world, daily updates
dali design principles
Roy Lichtenstein — Facebook Post
dali design principles
Jackson Pollock — Facebook Cover
dali design principles
Donald Judd — Facebook Cover

2. Break the boundaries

“Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings,” Salvador Dali said. In his creative impulses, he knew no bounds and didn’t worry about it. If it was possible to bring something to the extreme and pull it even further, he did it. It quite explains his eccentric outfits (Dali could appear in public in a spacesuit, or a jacket hung with glasses) and scandalous work with outright postures and internals turned inside out.

When creating visual content for social networks of a brand, it is essential to adhere to the norms that are supported by its audience. But periodically you need to shake it and go little beyond. For example, mix several visual approaches or use objects in an unexpected key.

A new decision doesn’t have to be shocking, but it is important to surprise them. Here, for example, how unusually the good old Santa Claus looks like in a rocker style:

dali design principles
Animated post

3. Change properties

Significant elements like the elephants on thin legs or a melted clock are something that distinguishes Dali’s paintings unmistakably. The artist was taking two (or more) radically incompatible objects and was mixing their characteristics mercilessly.

You can do the same. The easiest way is to swap traditional colors of objects or add unexpected properties to them. For example, if you depict a banana, make it blue or… fur (but, of course, the idea must be explained in context).

Get inspired by the works of art in Shusaku1977 Instagram account and make surrealistic animated images in Pixaloop.

dali design principles
Screenshot from the Instagram account Shusaku1977

4.Use optical illusions

Salvador Dali often used optical illusions in his works. For example, he created Lincoln in Dalivision, the lithograph which turns out to be Gala in a blurred doorway upon closer inspection. Also, he wrote a few paintings, where quite clearly outlined objects form completely new figures if you look at them from afar.

While it’s difficult to exactly repeat the experiments of Dali without a designer, doing something just similar is real. Use hypnotic backgrounds with geometric patterns (static or animated from Crello collection) or upload a picture with an optical illusion right into the design.

dali design principles
Animated post

5. Create along with others

It would seem that Salvador Dali’s style could not be combined with anyone else, but nevertheless, the artist was open to collaborations and sometimes didn’t even play the central role in them. So, he created the design of Chupa Chups and starred in “Jump” series of photographs by Philip Halsman, along with the rest of the celebrities of his era.

Collaborations are a great way to engage an audience and expand it. By creating something together with other brands or designers, you can automatically get their subscribers and show yourself from the creative side. The New York Times and Toggl followed this path.

dali design principles
Screenshot of the post with a custom illustration, The New York Times

Summing Up

To create content like Dali’s, it’s not necessary to be an artist. Follow the simple rules that guided the legendary Spanish surrealist, and get a truly engaging visual content:

  • Do not be afraid to copy. Sometimes the brilliant ideas are based on other brilliant ideas.
  • Break the boundaries. Do not limit yourself to what is accepted – always go ahead and undermine the foundations.
  • Change properties. Feel central to the “laboratory of things” – combine the irreducible, exaggerate or minimize the properties of objects as much as possible.
  • Play optical illusions. You can combine two objects so that a third appears, or use hypnotizing backgrounds that will create an additional visual layer.
  • Do collaborations. Strengthen your content by collaborating with other artists. You will share your style and philosophy with them, they will share their technique with you. So there will be a completely new unusual product.

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