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6 Animated Templates to Celebrate World #Carfree Day

by Mary Ivanova

6 Animated Templates to Celebrate World #Carfree Day

Activists point out a number of advantages to going car-free or car-lite: it saves resources and reduces CO2 emissions (as well as noise levels). Avoiding using cars for the simplest errands also helps urbanites break out of their sedentary lifestyles and move more.

Additionally, activists point out that less cars means less road accidents – a popular cause of death and injury worldwide. “Road traffic injuries are currently estimated to be the ninth leading cause of death across all age groups globally, and are predicted to become the seventh leading cause of death by 2030,” states World Health Organization.

If traffic accidents aren’t depressing enough, another argument in favor of the movement is how isolating driving can be. Use this day to get your community together with a fun themed social media post. We’ve selected six best animated car free templates for you to utilize to mark the upcoming Car-Free Day, September 22.

1. Encourage community-wide effort.

Rosemary Mascali, co-chair of Car Free Day Long Island initiative, offers a compelling argument to support joint effort to reduce the use of cars – should every out of the 2 million registered vehicles in Nassau and Suffolk (regions of Long Island) drive one mile less that’d be 2 million miles, quotes Mascali Long Island Business News.

Highlight the importance of community-wide effort to make a difference and go car-lite with this fun animated template in Full HD format:


Use this template

2. Prompt them to go biking.

Don’t let your followers’ bikes gather dust in the closet – remind them to use this means of transportation to get around town to support the Car-Free Day!


Use this template

3. Remind about a long-forgotten skateboard.

#Carfree isn’t just about walking or biking, there are plenty of alternative equipment one can utilize, including a skateboard, a scooter, a hoverboard and even an electric unicycle!


Use this template

4. Promote #carfree family fun.

As we’ve talked in the beginning of this post, driving a car everywhere can be an isolating experience. Use this animated Crello template in Full HD format to try and nudge your subscribers to unite their social group for a car-free outing to celebrate the day:


Use this template

5. Have fun.

Your car-free post doesn’t have to be on the nose – use a fun template to highlight the benefits of active lifestyle, like this Olympic Games themed design that’s just asking for a fun caption along the lines of: “Don’t walk, run!”


Use this template

6. Talk about the challenges.

It’s easy to preach about going car-free when the sun is out, the weather’s magical and public transport or your side of the city are planned out perfectly.

But when the weather is terrible and all anyone’s up to is curling up under a thick blanket with a cup of hot tea and a movie, doing without a car can feel overwhelming. Weather the storm of difficult questions about going car-free with a fun template to match!


Use this template

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