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6 Last Minute Mother’s Day Content Ideas

by Maria Sibirtseva
5 min

Posting holiday-related content is an effective way to increase engagement, brand awareness and expand your audience. Many brands build strategies, plan campaigns and create content in advance to stay ahead of important dates. The one coming up next is Mother’s Day and the good news is that there’s still time for some last minute preparations and great content ideas.

Although Mother’s Day is just around the corner, you still have time to implement some easy-to-carry-out content ideas. Check out our list, choose the one you like the most and wait for engagement to be boosted as never before.

Create a gallery of user-generated content

Plan to go viral this May? Create a unique hashtag for a UGC campaign and encourage people to post on social media, using the hashtag. For instance, you can ask followers to share their moments of happiness, nostalgia, traveling, cooking or any other activity they’ve been a part of with their mothers and grandmothers. Things like memories from youth or childhood, common activities or just family gatherings are always heartwarming.

To incite curiosity, evoke emotions and boost engagement, by the end of the day, gather the best content into a gallery with an appealing text. Then share the copy with users on a website, blog or Instagram Stories.

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Publish celebratory posts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

Since your Mother’s Day campaign is last minute this year, you can simply congratulate all mothers and grandmothers on social media. Create a beautiful poster or banner and celebrate the strong, loving and cheerful Moms in an unusual way.

To create eye-catching thematic visuals, use Crello’s customizable templates and Depositphotos Mother’s Day photo collection. There’s fascinating images, fonts, symbols, and backgrounds that will adorn your designs.

Tip: various social media have different requirements to the quality and size of visuals. Luckily, on Crello, you can find ready-to-use templates for Facebook and Instagram posts, Instagram Stories, Pinterest, and Tumblr graphics.

Create an entertaining blog post

Mother’s Day is a holiday when everyone is relaxing, having fun and not stressing about work. It’s the perfect occasion for a blog post that one would like to share with family members. Depending on your niche, you can write an article about Mother’s Day marketing campaigns or share interesting facts about the holiday. You can also make a list of the best gifts for mothers, restaurants to visit for family brunch or publish a tutorial on how to arrange flowers by oneself and bake a mouthwatering cake every mother will love.

Tip: any blog post should carry out at least one of the three functions: be useful (educational), be entertaining (engaging) or selling.

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Launch a contest or giveaway

Your social media account on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and even Pinterest is where you can implement the most effective Mother’s Day content ideas: contests and giveaways. They give you a range of amazing benefits, from increasing brand awareness and subscribers to using minimum resources for excellent results. In addition, contests and giveaways are extremely easy to launch.

So, a contest or giveaway requires users to take some actions: share, create, like, and comment. For example, you can ask users to subscribe, share content from your Instagram account, mention your account and put your hashtag. Besides, you can ask them to tag their friends or relatives and reach a large audience.

It is important to define the time frame and choose a winner using a random result generator. This will increase brand credibility and ensure transparency of a contest or giveaway.

Tip: to increase engagement, prepare a prize for winners. It could be a product, service, discount or any pleasant thing that comes to your mind.

Make up a funny quiz

Whether email, social media account or website, you can embed and share the quiz to engage with your audience. As everyone’s having cheerful mood this Sunday, think of some quirky, catchy or funny quiz that will not overload users with clever words and multiple steps. The most popular topics for Mother’s Day quizzes are “What’s your mother like?”, “What type of mother are you?” and “What should you get for your mother?”.

Tip: customize the quiz to feature your goods, services or brand, in general. If you’re working on a personal brand, a collaboration with a commercial brand is a great option to use a quiz as a Mother’s Day marketing tool.  

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Send out a heartwarming email

If you’ve missed the Mother’s Day preparation intentionally and you don’t want to bother at all, send out an email with a compelling subject line. Include a promo code or just attach a touching card with congratulations on the day. Thus, you’ll make sure your audience is not disregarded and you can continue being busy with other important things.

Mother’s Day is coming and we hope you have found a couple of useful ideas in our guide. A curious contest, an interesting blog post, a funny quiz or a visually beautiful email won’t take too much of your precious time but will make your audience appreciate the little things you do for heartwarming occasions.

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