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8 Reasons Why Your Social Media Campaign Isn’t Working

by Sandra Iakovleva

why isn’t my social media campaign working

You know that feeling, when you spend quite a bit of money on promoting a campaign but it completely plummets? We’ve all been there – the campaign isn’t working. All this means is that something didn’t go right, and we’re here to help you figure out why that might be. Knowing what went wrong can help you tailor a better campaign strategy in the future.

Sometimes it’s just a matter of tweaking a thing or two. Part of success lies in learning from your mistakes and making informed decisions of what you can do differently, thereby adjusting your strategy to focus on what matters – your audience.

Mistake #1: Goals and core values aren’t reflected in your online activity

All businesses start with core values which members can probably accurately recite when explaining the purpose of their business. Your social media strategy should perfectly align with these values, which is how consistency is maintained across all social media channels. It’s in the tone you use, the words you choose and the images you integrate with your campaigns.

If there is one lesson to be extracted from this article, it’s that all your social media activities should be aligned with these core values with the audience in mind at all times. It should work as  guide for your campaigns because if there is some sort of inconsistency or lack of it, users are quick to pick it up. You know your target audience best, so let them get to know you in a way that aligns with the core values of your business.

Mistake #2: No room for action

If your campaigns lead to your main homepage, are you aware that this adds no value to your audience? If your CTA encourages users to go to your homepage, what do you want them to do? Leading back users to a website is a bit pointless because we’re dealing with social media campaigns and social media is a culture of its own.

Even something as simple as encouraging users to share on Facebook can help spread the word. Your customers become your marketers so it’s really worth focusing your attention on each individual social media channel. Treat each one as a separate strategy and give people very clear CTAs so they consider and move on to some action.

Mistake #3: Off balance between creativity and consistency

Social media campaigns, regardless of the channel, require consistency. You have to keep track of trending topics in your industry to stay on top of your game. Learn more about your audience because it will go a long way. This basic research will help you tailor better strategies and there are tools to help you with the rest.

Another overlooked aspect is visual content which, yes, should also be consistent. Finding this balance between creativity and consistency is key to any strategy. How you present your campaign on different platforms paired with your copy is what is going to make a difference in determining the success of your campaigns.

Never post for the sake of posting. Each campaign you send out into the digital world must have a clear focus, drive a precise action and be consistent with your other activities. It would also be really useful if you had an editorial calendar to keep track of all your campaigns on different channels.

Mistake #4: Rookie mistake – not enough research

We briefly mentioned the importance of research and although it seems like there aren’t enough hours in a day, not doing your research could be the reason why your campaign isn’t working. Research on what your customers want and give them something to be excited about so that they can share it with their friends. But what exactly will they be excited about to want to share? It’s your job to find out.

Trial and error will lead you to eventually establish the right voice, the right style of visuals and the right timing for your campaigns. You will never be able to pull off a campaign that creates buzz without doing your preliminary research and getting to know both the market you’re in, and the target audience you have to work with.

Mistake #5: Failing to stand out

Content and visuals – the two things that you need to outshine others with a social media campaign. It’s not just good content and eye catching visuals that help you stand out. It’s the successful combination of both and a unique spin on them that will make your users want to like, share and comment on your content. If it’s exactly like your competitors content in tone, style and CTA, do you think anyone will bother taking an extra step to support your cause?

One of the things that works well is brainstorming sessions with the team. You can get together to come up with new ideas, and really work on developing the unique ones. All your ideas should ultimately be tailored to your audience. Put your own spin into it as well! When you have more than one person coming up with ideas, it’s likely ideas will accumulate, grow and morph into something truly original that will have a chance at standing out in the feed.

Mistake #6: Not enough effort put into measuring success

Regardless of what works or doesn’t with what you’re trying now or in the future with your social media campaigns, monitoring and measuring is crucial to working towards improving your strategy. You need to keep track of how effective your content is. If you don’t pay attention to monitoring and measuring, you’re just continuously creating and promoting content that gets questionable results.

Those very results can help you build on your strategy and see what works and what doesn’t. Eech business is different, and although these are common mistakes, we can’t take a look at all the details of your campaigns. You’re the best person to do that so consider that of all the points, this one helps you analyze your audience and strategy. Otherwise you’re wasting both time and money. Analyze, learn, improve, adjust and try again.

Mistake #7: Your campaign is so promotional, it throws people off

Many make the mistake of using social media platforms to blatantly advertise new products and services on every occasion. If all you’re doing is throwing sales pitches, do you think your users will care very much for your posts? No, because that’s once again not the point of social media. Social media in 2018 is about conversation and engagement. Can you still promote and be subtle about it? The answer should be ‘yes’!

Instead of bombarding your audience with promotional campaigns all the time, take the time to listen to their opinions. Tailor content to include their opinion, make them want to share their thoughts. When you get to know your audience this way, you’ll understand better what they like or dislike so that when the time comes to actually promote something, it won’t be in the form of plain advertising. That’s better than wasting your time crafting something no one wants to respond to or share.

Mistake #8: Compromising in aesthetics

Your message might be great, the idea brilliant, but the design of it makes someone cringe or simply scroll through without a second glance. It’s a rare occasion, but versions of this scenario is way too often seen on social media pages. Platforms like Instagram, for example, are all about visuals. Handy tools like Crello can help you maintain a consistency with visuals all the while helping you save some time and get organized.

Never underestimate the power of visuals. If you analyze your own behavior online, between endlessly scrolling through a feed and actually taking some required action, you likely noticed that your eye falls on the well-designed visuals that accompany engaging copy. That’s the essence of many social media networks.

When launching any campaign, think about your audience first or foremost. In understanding your audience better, you get a better sense of what it is they are looking for and what appeals to them and drives them to action. Research. Research. Research. Even the smallest insight can go a long way in tailoring your campaigns to appeal to bigger numbers. Get people excited, and you’ll begin to see some dramatic changes in the results of your campaigns.

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