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9 Valuable Design Tips to Enhance Your Social Media Graphics

by Sandra Iakovleva

tips for better social media images

If you’re going for a slam dunk, you’ve come to the right place. Posting on social media consistently is a lot easier in theory – find appealing images, add text, post. If you’re not getting the engagement you were hoping for, we decided to round up 9 tips that have proven to work for other brands. Sometimes even the most outstanding images and trendy font just won’t do.

There are 3 basics that form guidelines for branded social media accounts – use of contrasting colors, a clear message and some mention of your brand. These lines are a little blurry because when it comes to creating social media images, even if you have all the right tools, you’ve got to know at least some design basics to inspire engagement.

We kick off the list with some design principles as well as design tips that will help you create your social media images. There’s also a very short guide on how to use Crello to post content across multiple platforms in an easy and time saving way.

Design tips for social media graphics


tips for social media design

Before we get to discussing images, fonts, colors and other design elements, it’s important to address the fact that there should be a a sense of consistency with all your social media graphics. This is important because you want to increase brand awareness. It does not mean you need to post the same graphics on all pages, simply that you need to focus on coherence and consistency.

Consistency can be achieved with the use of select fonts, brand colors, and style of images and other photographs. This can be easily done in Crello, where you can save your images and organize them in folders, keeping track of your visuals for social media. Keep all your visuals in one place to save yourself time and effort when creating new images.

Although it’s difficult to maintain consistency, it’s the first thing you should take care of when planning your social media strategy for visuals. Settle on the fonts you’ll use, the colors that will be repeating and the style of images you’re going for.


tips on social media graphics

Colors are a powerful tool in marketing because they immediately establish a mood and add extra meaning to words. What kind of a vibe does your brand have? This is important in choosing brand colors that you’ll be using often for social media. Decide how you’d like users to interpret your brand because brand colors are another factor that contributes to brand awareness.

If you want to take it an extra step further, create a brand color palette. This can be 2-4 colors that you will use often in your designs. This will be helpful in choosing images, editing them and creating new images for social media.


design tips for social media graphics

Everything you’re working on has to boil down to coherence and consistency. Once  you have your brand colors down, choose 2-3 fonts that you will be using in your designs. Fonts are important because they add personality to your writing and give your brand a sense of character.

You might have different types of graphics that you use for social media which is why you should choose a few fonts, depending on the projects you showcase on social media.


design tips for social media graphics crello

An integral part of your design will often be visuals. You should opt for images that have lots of ‘white space’ which is images with clear empty areas where you can squeeze in some writing. Don’t cram too much copy on to the images, and instead place some lines of text in areas where the text will be legible.

You can always use filters to add hints of your brand colors to images. It’s really easy to add color overlays on photographs. These little manipulations can become part of your brand’s aesthetics.


what to post on social media

Some marketers struggle with the idea of the basic rule for social media graphics – minimal text to not strain the eye and impactful images to not distract the viewer from the message. When you have a lot of information that you’d like to share with your followers, why not make it visual? Opt for infographics if you’d like to crunch numbers.


work on brand recognition

When posting images on social media, make sure they have your brand’s logo. This is so important when posting across different platforms. You want curious visitors to be able to find you if something peaks their interest. Including logos in images is therefore crucial.

It need not be super obvious, just as long as users can see it and recognize it. Make sure your logo is aligned intentionally for different kinds of graphics and generally the same size in all of your images.


crello resize feature for social media

As you’re creating your designs, it would save you a lot of time if you could just adapt the visuals to several platforms, won’t it? This is where Crello comes in, with a new ‘Resize’ feature that allows you to do just that. You can optimize your design for different social media platforms based on one image you create.

Using the resize feature can save you a lot of time. All you have to do is create a design, and click ‘Resize’ to proceed to select the platforms you’d like to adapt to. This also helps you maintain a sense of consistency around your campaigns and projects.


visual hierarchy in design

Visual hierarchy is a slightly more complex idea, but you will quickly get the hang of it when designing. Simply put, it’s the use of stylistic elements positioned in a way to show importance. In other words, visual hierarchy takes you through a design and clearly communicates what you should focus on primarily and secondarily.

Hierarchy provides an order that helps readers comprehend information quickly. It’s essential for effective communication. As you’re creating social media images, establish a very clear visual hierarchy with your graphics.


keep it simple design tips for social media graphics

The best design tip out there is to really keep it simple. Busy designs with too many design elements and distracting writing really throws off users. Graphic designers will tell you that it’s always best to keep it simple. Reduce clutter, and you increase your chances of being heard.

Always prioritize images over text. There’s a bigger chance that people will respond to powerful images. Make sure that all the elements in your social media images are intentional. This way you avoid creating visual chaos and focus on taking your viewer on a journey. At the end of the day, that’s all people crave when browsing their social media accounts.

Free social media graphics templates

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More formats

Using Crello’s Resize feature

  1. Choose a template or create a design format
  2. Click on the Resize button in the upper right hand corner
  3. Select the formats you want to create
  4. Click on the Resize button at the bottom of the pop-up
  5. New designs will open in new tabs. Modify and download!

Try Resize

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