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A Collection of Free Youtube Channel Art Templates

We’re not here to tell you YouTube is the next big thing, but we will tell you that YouTube is a great marketing tool. You probably put a lot o...

We’re not here to tell you YouTube is the next big thing, but we will tell you that YouTube is a great marketing tool. You probably put a lot of time and effort into perfecting your Facebook and Instagram page, but remember that many consumers also look for brand YouTube pages.

What happens when they stumble on your YouTube channel? What do they see first? You guessed it, it’s your YouTube channel art. We’ll help you out a little in case you’re panicking about your cover. We prepared 10 really great templates for your YouTube channel art. Use templates and don’t worry about your banner dimensions or coming up with a great design – we’ve done that for you.

First things first – why do you need YouTube channel art?

Go to any YouTube page and the art that is part of the header is the very first thing you notice. Because of the location and the size of YouTube channel art, you can’t miss it. This is an opportunity to brand yourself a little further and stand out from your competitors. If you are an art creator, you might want to showcase your portfolio, and businesses should focus on portraying their product or services.

Having a well designed header can make or break your business (or at least determine the success of your YouTube page), which means using a template library from a YouTube banner maker like VistaCreate is a good place to start. You’re aiming to look professional and add credibility to your page. People will subscribe to your channel based on how well you do and how credible your page looks.

Now that we’ve established how important YouTube channel art is, let’s dive into the good stuff. You must be itching to get started! With VistaCreate, your task is really simplified. You don’t need to worry about YouTube banner size and design elements. All you have to do is find a template you like, and start customizing right away.

1. Have a hero image decorating your page

2. A simple illustration will go a long way

3. Or really simple icons

4. Geometric overlays are very trendy

5. Go bold or go home

6. Accent on your message

7. Can’t go wrong with high-res photography

8. Set the mood with colors

9.  Opt for brand colors to make a statement

10. Emphasize that you’re artsy

You’ll notice that simple and clean designs perform exceptionally well. You should choose templates based on layouts and add your brand’s touch to them. Modifying the colors and font types is really easy. VistaCreate has you covered. Good luck!

More channel art AND thumbnail templates for YouTube here.

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