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All About Advertising on YouTube: Formats and Recommendations

by Alla Taff

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“Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising” – Mark Twain.

Advertising is the most effective way to reach out to an untapped audience and get them  familiar with your business. Frankly speaking, we live in the times of social networks and luckily, advertising on major networks is accessible to all.

The big question is, how do you make one of those super effective ads? Needless to say, it is a lot of hard work but rest assured, we are here to help you! In this post, we will tell you about advertising on the most popular video platform. Yep, we mean YouTube. Where do you start? What are the different formats for advertising on YouTube? Don’t stop reading because we have a lot of cool tips and recommendations for you.

What Are the Different Formats of Advertising on YouTube?

The first format you should be aware of is YouTube’s TrueView advertising. As you may know, it means that you pay not for the possible amount of views your video will have but for the actual number of interactions (or views) you promotional video has. Should we mention that YouTube wants your main video to be on its server? In addition, keep in mind that YouTube provides you with multiple technical requirements. With it, you will easily avoid all the issues (like choosing a format for your promotion or the uploading complications) that you can possibly stumble on.

What else should you know? First of all, your video advertising can last more than 30 seconds, which means you will have more time to introduce your items or services. As a result, there are more chances of getting the right kind of attention from users. Secondly, another plus of YouTube advertising is that you can decide how much you pay for it. Thirdly, although you pay for YouTube advertising, this video server is not the only place that will introduce your deal. Actually, it will be additionally shown on the display networks. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

So, what are the formats of YouTube advertising? Here are the 3 main ones:

  • TrueView In-Stream video advertising;
  • TrueView Video Discovery advertising;
  • Bumper advertising.

Are you interested now? Let’s take a closer look at all the formats of advertising YouTube prepared for its users.

About TrueView In-Stream Video Advertising

As the name of the advertising implies, it will appear at any point of a streamed video. An important point of emphasis is that the video should be viewed directly on YouTube in order for this to work. The only exception is the websites or applications from the list of partner projects. Remember we told you about the display networks? This is it.

Majority think that TrueView In-Stream is a pretty effective format to promote their brands. It’s worth noting that it shows a low conversion rate. As a result, your promotion should be a short one in case you want it to be successful. Needless to say, it should be bright, attention-grabbing, and extremely luring to catch the eyes of your potential customers. We recommend you use this format of YouTube advertising when  you are put into practice something more creative that is brief at the same time. Your prospect should clearly understand what you want them to do. It is like a call-to-action button, simple but effective.

This format lso does not allow you to feature a huge amount of information. Therefore, we suggest you create both a professional website (it can be a worthy landing page) and your own channel on YouTube. This way, you get to direct traffic to both resources. Why do you need it? To start with, that is how your viewers will get more info. Moreover, it will elevate the statistic of site visits. This step can also make your brand or company more recognizable.

Today there are 2 types of video advertising.

skippable ad on youtubeThere is the skippable advertising. Initially, these are the videos that you can skip in a few seconds (usually, it is 5) and stop watching. The thing is that the view will be counted only if a person watched it for 30 seconds or more. Needless to say, it should be a really groundbreaking video to make user watch it when they can simply skip your promo. By the way, don’t forget that the recommended time for a skippable ad is 6 minutes maximum.

non skippable ad on youtube


There is also the non-skippable advertising which is exactly what you assume it is. We can say that this way is definitely more effective. Still, don’t forget how irritating non-skippable videos can be! What is the duration of this video type? About 15-20 seconds.

Also, don’t forget that all the video ads on YouTube show the following things.

  • the title of the video
  • the interactional panel of the channel
  • the name of the channel

That is why we recommend you to use a CTA. The best way to do it is to add a link to your site in a special block. It says “Go to the advertiser’s site”, so nobody will miss it.

Screenshot 2

About TrueView Video Discovery Advertising

TrueView Video Discovery ads are the videos that YouTube offers to watch. You can regularly see them in the ‘Similar Videos’ list. The main benefit of this format is that a user will see the content they are already interested in. The view of your advertising counts when a visitors clicks on it.

It is not a secret that first and foremost YouTube is a social network. Therefore, we recommend you to know more about the Ad Policy. With its help, your advertising will look more natural and will harmonize with the main content. Furthermore, you will know everything about user rights that will help you to avoid different issues in the future.

To illustrate, let’s imagine the next situation. You are a beginner, who dreams of running their ace online project. Still, you have no idea how to do it. So, you open YouTube and look for a solution. All in all, there are multiple tutorials there. You write your request, press enter and see a brilliant example of how this format works.

TrueView Video Discovery ad

Then you click on a video tutorial that shows you how you can build your website with no coding thanks to the themes from TemplateMonster.

overlay and media ads

As soon as you did it, you will see 2 other advertising formats. These are overlay and display ads.

overlay ad exampleBasically, overlay is an advertising text block. It displays at the bottom of the video, which is allowed to take up only 20% of video’s total size. Thus, overlay ads do not look as annoying and allow the prospects see your promo without interrupting the watching process. It counts only when a user clicks the banner and opens the full ad. However, there is one disadvantage. Overlay ads were made for desktops only, so it will not work in the mobile version of YouTube.

display ad explanationAnd what about display advertising, you might ask? These are the banners that you can see on the right of the video. Actually, here we can see the same disadvantage. The system counts only the views that were made via PC.



About Bumper Advertising

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What are bumper ads and why do you need them? Bumper advertising are the videos that are shown on mobiles. They are full-screen, so this format of YouTube advertising will certainly grab the attention of users. They are short, (6 seconds maximum) so the viewers are not able to skip bumper ads. Finally, the payoff for bumper ads starts at 1,000 commercial views.


Google and Eye Squire introduced their recent research. They recommend you to supplement TrueView advertising with this type of YouTube ads. The statistic shows that this mix will make your promotion more memorable, which means more effective. Given these points, would you like to know more about bumper ads and their advantages? In this case, don’t miss this post.

To sum everything up, you should think twice about the configurations of all the working elements. In the end, with their help, your company will get more customers. We recommend you use more keywords. Add them to the title of your video and to its description as well. The keywords should be brief, and describe the nature of your ad in the most concise and eloquent way. No cheating! Remember that only real keywords help search engines index your project. Moreover, we recommend you use search engine stats. With their help, you will make sure that the advertising goes with the popular requests.

How Do You Set Up Your Video Advertising on YouTube?

Seems like now you know a lot about YouTube ads than you did before you read this post. Thus, you may want to know how one can set them up. In order to start working with these video ads and introduce your promo, make a Google AdWords account. As soon as you authorized, you will be able to create ads.

1. Add a new campaign.

add campaign

2. Then view the campaign types and select the one you need.

video campaign

campaign subtype

3. Write the name of your campaign.

You will also need to set a daily budget for it. Your budget depends on your needs and preferences. Thus, we recommend you use Standard Display Method in case you want your ad to be shown during the day. To continue, you can use Accelerated Display Method. It means that your advertising will be shown really often in the first half of the day. The downside of this option is that it may result in a budget overrun.

campaign name and budget

4. Set the start and end dates for your YouTube ad.

Don’t forget to choose the language, location, and other important points. By the way, there is a ‘Content Exclusions’ field. Use the option if you want to restrict showing your ad on some categories.


5. Create the image of your prospects.

These are the people whom will ideally see your advertising. This is such a very important point. Here you can use various keywords, topics, placements, etc.


6.Last step – simply upload your videos and soon you will be able to see it on YouTube! In addition, there are some other detailed requirements that you need to at least san over quickly. 

related ad

7. Select the chosen format for your YouTube ad. You can choose from the icons you will see or upload your own. You can use Crello to create YouTube tumbnails. Finally, preview your promotion to make sure that it is perfect.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated. In practice, the process is as easy as ABC. Soon you will get access to the settings of your YouTube advertising and its management panel. With its help, you will see the number of views. You will also see your audience demographics. They’re your potential clients. Would you like to get more detailed statistics? We recommend YouTube Analytics.

Let’s move on to the last point!

How Do You Link Your YouTube Channel to AdWords?

If you want to link your channel to an AdWords account, just follow these easy steps.

  • Select your channel and click ‘My Channel’ button
  • Go to Video Manager
  • Find ‘Advanced’
  • Go to ‘AdWords for Video’ section
  • Select ‘Link accounts’
  • You will see step-by-step instructions
  • Confirm your request

As food for thought, Jef I. Richards said that creative without strategy is called ‘art’ while creative with strategy is called ‘advertising.’ Focus your energy on the union of the two. The quality of your advertising will determine the success of your campaigns and ultimately influence users that will be curious enough to find out more about your brand.

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