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Concepts and Ideas That Will Shape the World in 2021 

Concepts and Ideas That Will Shape the World in 2021 

[caption id="attachment_7572" align="aligncenter" width="780"] Principles and Ideas that Will Shape the World in 2021[/caption] Insights for entr...
Principles and Ideas that Will Shape the World in 2021

Principles and Ideas that Will Shape the World in 2021

Insights for entrepreneurs, marketers, creative industry specialists, and everyone who wants to stay on top of all things digital in 2021.

Last month, our new brand manager Oksana attended three marketing conferences, and here’s what she learned.

Hey there! My name is Oksana and you probably don’t know me yet (which is fine, btw). Less than two months ago VistaCreate’s got a new brand manager and this person is me. I’ve got tons of things on my plate right now and it would be great for me to focus on important stuff like priorities, strategy for 2021, and other serious things, but December 2020 was full of interesting professional events I couldn’t help but attend. 

As a result, I’ve collected lots of insights, ideas, and learnings that I’m happy to share with you. Let’s go. 

Get used to making and testing hypothesis

The thing is, the modern world is getting increasingly fast. Today it’s more important to make fast decisions than to make the right decisions. As counterintuitive as it may sound, today you have to get used to making decisions every single day. Some of them will turn out to be wrong, but that’s ok: you can always cancel them. But some of them will turn out to be right. And that’s cool. Think more about testing hypotheses, less about making decisions. This will make things easier psychologically. Make a hypothesis, validate the hypothesis, move on. 

Simplifying is difficult, but important.

They say it’s difficult to simplify. And this thought is as popular as it is true. Get rid of what’s unnecessary, keep only what’s important, simplify – one of the best things to do with your life or business in 2021. Why? Because simplification makes everything easier and faster, and this is exactly what the world values right now. 

Ideas have no value

You’ve probably heard this before. Normally, these words are used to explain that ideas are not worth anything unless executed. But what if we think about this from a slightly different perspective. If ideas aren’t worth anything, they have no price, or… they are priceless (read: they can cost as much as we think they should). That’s a piece of good breaking news for those working in the creative industry. Remember your ideas are priceless in the best possible way! 

Companies with an opinion are becoming rare

There is no such thing as safe disruption. A world-changing manifesto won’t do the job if it’s whispered. People and brands who choose to avoid inconvenient, controversial topics, basically choose to avoid everything that matters. Companies with opinions are rare. The world needs more companies that have an opinion. 

Take silly ideas seriously

Genius ideas are often born from silly ideas that were taken seriously. Silliness is not something you should avoid, be scared of, or be ashamed of. Silliness comes along with courage. So, when you dare to take what looks like a silly idea seriously and put some effort and expertise into its execution, you’ll likely end up with a hit. 

We should create things that matter

Anything we work on must carry a meaning. No compromise here. Only meaningful things have the right to exist and occupy space and time in the lives of other people. I heard this thought in the context of advertising, but it can be and really should be stretched to every other aspect of our life. When we produce a product, it must be meaningful. When we offer a service, it has to have meaning. If we produce a commercial, it needs to carry a meaning. Fingers crossed that the era of fast, shallow, and meaningless comes to an end. 

Make something brave over and over again, until it starts to feel normal

Have you noticed that an increasing number of brands, celebrities, and true opinion leaders start to talk about controversial, not always easy-to-talk-about topics? Now it may take courage to talk about such topics publicly, but the truth is that when we do something regularly when we do something brave not occasionally but systematically, and when we do this for long enough, it suddenly no longer feels like something brave. It becomes a new normal. That’s how the world changes. 

May next year, when Oxford Dictionary will be selecting a traditional word of the year, their shortlist no longer has words like lockdown, pandemic, or coronavirus. May next year they’ll have hard times choosing among courage, values, opinion, creativity, simplification, and meanings.   

That’s it from me for now. 

Special thanks for ideas and food for thought goes to speakers of conferences I attended (a creative conference SPOM in Kyiv, an international Web Summit I attended online, and an amazing conference by SETTERS Education I had a chance to enjoy from the comfort of my home) and…me who was smart enough to consume, digest, and organize all the information for you. 

Speak next month,


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2020 gave each of us an opportunity – or even forced us – to take another look at our goals, plans, careers, and priorities.

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2020 gave each of us an opportunity another look at our goals, plans, careers, and priorities.