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Create a Cool Invite for Your 4th of July Picnic

by Mary Ivanova

4th of July Party Invitations

Planning a party on the 4th? An extra cool invitation to your 4th of July event is just what you need in the simmering heat of summer. Thanks to Crello, designing your 4th of July party invitation will only require a few simple steps.

Step 1. Go to Crello and select Flyer mode.

4th of July Party Invitations Easy Design

Step 2. Browse the free flyer design templates and pick one with

  • FOOD

4th of July Party Invitations Design Ideas

Planning to provide your guests with an abundance of tasty food? Up your Independence Day party turnout with these yummy designs. Trust us, nobody will be able to resist the temptation.


4th of July Party Invitations Design Ideas

Got a spreadsheet filled with fun outdoor activities? Let your friends and family know the plan with striking themed templates. In addition to any text description you might want to add on the invite, use focal visual reminders to guarantee nobody shows up in the wrong dress code.

  • Or a FLAG DESIGN for your patriotic invitations!

4th of July Party Invitations Design Ideas

Use a theme with patriotic stripes and stars to let your friends guess the occasion at first glance – your invitees will resolve to RSVP before even reading the headline!

Pro tip: Browse other Crello formats other than Flyer to discover more ready-made stars and stripes themed templates:

4th of July Party Invitations Design Ideas

Step 3. Type in the when and where, as well as any relevant information for your guests.

Fourth of July Invitation Template

Fourth of July Picnic Invitation Template

Remember to include any specific theme you might have for your 4th of July party, event location and duration, and any important information like whether the event is taking place indoors or outdoors, near a pool or a lake, etc. Consider whether your guests might need to bring own blankets, towels, sunscreen or a mosquito repellent and let them know.

List several ways to contact you for any unexpected developments – somebody’s always late, lost or wants you to pick them up from a gas station 5 miles up the road. For now though, you yourself have reached a fork in the metaphorical design road – you can either jump to the last step and download your design,

Fourth of July Picnic Invites in Crello

Or continue designing.

Add stickers, change fonts, add your own photo or pick one from our vast collection, change text size and location, as well as refine the details of your invite by adjusting colors, element placement and, most importantly, checking your invite for typos.

Pro tip: Use your keyboard arrows to move selected objects within the template.

Here’s what you can do with the standard template used to create the above invite to Lily’s 4th of July picnic:

Fourth of July Party Invitation

After you finish designing, export your final image, message your 4th of July invitations to all of your friends and enjoy the fun on the 4th of July!

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