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Crello Celebrates 1 Million Registered Users

by Mary Ivanova

Crello Celebrates 1 Million Registered Users

Crello has reached its very first million of registered users! It took us a year and a half, which is faster than Twitter and Tumblr as it took both platforms two years to reach the milestone. Facebook got its first million users in 10 months.

“When we were creating Crello, we were aiming to add a little magic to DIY design,” shares Head of the project Liuda Nebozhak. “To get a great result, our users only need to do the bare minimum  – most of the work has already been done by our designers,” she explains.

At the moment, Crello offers 18,000 templates for social media posts, banners, invitations, flyers, posters and other marketing materials in 40 formats. In 2018, Crello improved its animation and video features by adding hundreds of new templates, animated stickers, backgrounds and thousands of short, top quality video clips to use in designs.

If you’ve been using Crello for a while, you might be curious that more than half of our users are in the 25-34 age group and 22% are between 35 and 44. Geographically, more than half of registered users (52%) are located in Europe and CIS. 32% log in from North and South Americas (prevailingly Brazil and the US), 13% – from Asia.

What’s next for Crello? iOS and Android apps by the end of the year, video upload feature, pending addition of Arabic fonts, and much more!

To mark the occasion, we’ve prepared two surprises for you – a cool infographic about our tool, which you can study below, and a celebratory raffle! That’s right, win a subscription or an Amazon gift card in our million-users Grand Raffle that’s going to last 1 million seconds. Find full details about the raffle and enter here.

Crello Celebrates 1 Million Registered Users

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