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Crello Introduces Partners Program

by Brendan Matty

Crello and its mother company – stock giant Depositphotos – are unveiling a joint Partners Program! Tell your friends, colleagues, and followers about Crello and get rewarded. Crello Partners get a share of all plan sales they facilitate and can track their results in their Program profile.

Pro tip: Within the program, you can either promote just Crello editor or both Crello and stock marketplace Depositphotos!

Sign up for the Crello Partners Program

How the Crello Partners Program works

As you register with the Crello Partners Program, you get a personal Partner link.

Share the link with your social circle online and offline, and everyone who will register through the link and buy a Crello plan at any point will be tracked as your referral.

All Crello plan purchases via your Partner link are logged immediately. You get paid a lump sum at the beginning of each month for all purchases from the previous month.

Reasons to become a Crello partner

become a Crello partner

Screenshot of Crello Partner cabinet

  • High referral rates
  • Transparent statistics
  • New product with an untapped market share

Ready to try the Crello Partners Program? Here’s the link to the registration form!

Crello Partners Program rates

Monthly plans

  • You earn 65% of the plan price for your first 10 monthly plan sales.
  • Your referral sales 11 through 30 earn you 75% commission of the plan price.
  • As soon as your sales hit 30, your commission goes up to 85% from each sale.

Annual plans

  • Your commission from the first 10 sales of Pro plan is 20%.
  • Sales 11 through 30 earn you 25% of the plan price.
  • Sales 31 and up get 30% commission.

Crello key selling points

Why do your friends, colleagues, and followers need Crello? Here’s a handy guide to the editorial features.

Video templates

Video ranks higher in search and feed, has a 27% better click-through rate and users spend approximately 88% more time on video content!

Crello makes video production very easy – pick a template, add text or edit design elements, save and download.

There are 4,200+ video templates in Crello.

Users can choose the right format for any purpose:

  • Horizontal (2) – Full HD Video and Facebook Video Cover
  • Vertical – Instagram Video Story
  • Square – Animated Post
video story template

Ready animated elements

Animation is a great way to illustrate an explanatory post.

Animated figures and items engage more attention on social media and if they are cute and/or fit your idea or joke perfectly, people will hit the like button like nobody’s business. That said, animation is not that easy to create on your own.

Luckily, Crello has a library of 3,000+ animated items that can be added to pre-designed templates or used to create designs from scratch.

animation template

25,000+ templates for social media and marketing

Ever tried a new tool but got bored with all the same content after a while? Crello adds about 700 new templates each month!

Presently, Crello offers more than 25 thousand templates in 22 categories and 40 formats. The editor has multi-page formats like eBook and Presentation – handy for longer documents that you won’t have to design with the help of Crello’s ready-made templates!

Creating a social media post has never been this easy – you don’t even need an idea, Crello always displays inspiring templates in the Inspiration section, as well as templates for upcoming events and holidays.

Love what you see? Get your Partner link here before telling everyone about Crello!

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