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Crello Now Has Multi-Page Designs!

by Sandra Iakovleva

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While you’re getting accustomed to Crello and learning to make the most of all the new features, we’ve been working hard to create even more great tools that will help you in the design process. Today, you will notice that every design template comes with the option of creating multi-page designs. We’re going to take a closer look at the new feature so that you can master it in a matter of minutes.

What are multi-page designs?

Previously, you could work on one design that you see on your page. Instead of having one artboard when designing, you can add multiple pages with separate artboards. This can help you create presentations, carousel ads and simply multiple designs in a similar style for consistency. If you want to create an appealing presentation here is a simple guide to better presentation design.

With multi-page designs, the possibilities are endless. You can start with one design, duplicate it to a new page and have a coherent collection made of your own templates. This ensures consistency if you’re creating several thematic Instagram posts, for example.

Multi-page designs can be used for any format and you’re not limited to the number of pages you create. You will find this function especially useful when creating presentations and business cards.

Adding new pages

1. Find your template

You can always find a fitting thematic template by going to ‘Categories’, a button located above ready made templates.

using multi page designs in crello 1

2. Click ‘Add new page’ and a blank canvas will appear on the right

To edit separate pages, simply scroll or select your artboards in the column on the right.

using multi page designs in crello 2

Duplicating designs

1. Click on a format you’re going to work with

For this example, we’ll be using presentation designs.

using multi page designs in crello 3

2. Browse through templates and select one

The design will appear on your artboard.

using multi page designs in crello 4

3. Click the ‘Duplicate page’ button on the left hand side of the preview of your page

This action will duplicate all the design elements from your original design and create a new page below.

using multi page designs in crello 5

4. A new page will show up under ‘Pages’ in the left column

using multi page designs in crello 6

Changing the order of pages

Simply select your page from the column on the right and move it by drag and dropping it to the desired place in your multi-page design.

using multi page designs in crello 7

Deleting pages

Select your page form the column on the right and click on the delete icon.

using multi page designs in crello 8

Downloading multi-page designs

When downloading multi-page designs, you will have the option of downloading all of your designs or a range of pages that you specify. All formats are the same as when you download single designs.

using multi page designs in crello 9

As you can see, you can create versions of the same design and modify elements in different pages to have one coherent selection of similar designs. You can now work on multiple designs in the same window and create and duplicate your own templates. If you are a big fan of the new feature, let us know in the comments section below!

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