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Crello Referral Program: Refer a Friend, Get a Bonus

by Crello Team

Crello introduces Referral program: unique link for each user, bonuses for all referrals, plans discounts with bonuses, $2 per registered user.

Crello Referral Program: Refer a Friend, Get a Bonus

Crello Referral program rewards you for telling people about Crello – use your referral link to invite people to Crello and pave your way to a fully free Crello subscription (or just a significant discount!)

Your bonus points are used with your next subscription payment, regardless of whether they cover the whole cost of the plan you choose or just part of it.


For each new Crello user that you refer, you get $2 bonus. All referred users must confirm their email address to count as a referral.

Each referred friend who confirms their email also gets a personal discount. A promo code for a 20% discount on Pro plan for any duration (a month or a year) is automatically placed in the new user’s Promo codes tab in Account Settings. The discount is valid for 1 month since registration and is applied automatically upon checkout.

Refer 5 friends and get a month of Pro for free.

Generate your unique link here →

How to use

To participate in Crello Referral program:

1) get your unique link and give it to your friends, colleagues, followers and whoever you think would want to use the tool

2) get referral points from each new user registering using your link who also confirms their email ($2 for each referral)

3) buy your next Crello subscription and have your points automatically deducted from the price

Your bonuses are displayed in your Referral program tab in Account settings:

Invite everybody

There’s no limit to the number of friends you can refer, so invite every single one:)

The more the merrier!

Got questions?

Head on over to our Help Center to get answers to the 10 most commonly asked questions about our Referral program.

More to come

Our Referral program is still in beta, meaning that more features and options are yet to come.

Stay tuned!

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