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Crello’s Funniest Blog Posts to Date: Top 4

by Mary Ivanova

Crello's Funniest Blog Posts to Date: Top 4

Hi, Crello family! Hope your holiday season is going well, and to add to all the fun and festivities, we are dedicating this last post of 2018 to our funniest entries to date. We made the list, we checked it twice, and here are our best LOL-worthy updates you might have missed.

Number 4. Hide the pain

At number 4 we got a new feature post dedicated to the one and only Hide the Pain Harold. The hilarious meme made internet waves back in 2011, when stock photos of Hungarian resident András Arató garnered attention for his seemingly pained facial expression in otherwise typical office-set stock shots.

On November 1, 2018, your favorite online editor Crello unveiled a series of themed templates and animated stickers featuring Hide the Pain Harold for users to use in their designs. The post shares several of the templates with sample one-liners to get the ball rolling. Check out all the jokes in the blog post.

Meme News: Hide the Pain Harold Stickers and Templates Now in Crello

Number 3. Cuddle the cats

Dedicated to the International Cat Day, our post attempted to mix cats and design to make mastering design basics fun for non-professionals. The piece got it all – cats and bowls, cats and boxes, cats and circles, cats vs cucumbers, and, of course, the A list star of the internet cat world, the Grumpy Cat. See all the feline extravaganza for yourself in our brief designer’s cat-guide to shapes!

Crello's Funniest Blog Posts to Date: Top 4

Number 2. Celebrate disillusionment

The best way to avoid disappointment when going to a party or an event is having a healthy level of expectation when it comes to how good (or bad) the time spent there is likely to be. Planning a trip with friends, going to an art exhibit or a party? Let us save you the heartache and tell it like it is:

friendstrip poster design

For more, go to the post. It’s funny because it’s true.

Number 1. Discover the meaning of design

They say good design is invisible. These 60 glaring design fails prove it.

poor design decisions

If you thought the one with the posters was pretty fun, wait until you browse all the unfortunate design choices featured in our absolute funniest blog post to date. Our selection of top graphic design fails is the one post to rule them all – the mere thought of trying to beat that one any time soon has us sweating. It might start off a little slow, but wait until you get to number 9!

Better not start a try not to laugh challenge with this one, as one of the 60 hilarious design fail examples is sure to give you giggles. Start here.

Let us know which one of the featured posts you liked best in Crello Users group on Facebook and suggest topics for future posts, if you want to find more funny pieces on our blog!

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