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35 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Design Inspiration

We all like to get a dose of visual inspiration from time to time, especially in the era of Instagram. Our creative team gathered their favorite...

We all like to get a dose of visual inspiration from time to time, especially in the era of Instagram. Our creative team gathered their favorite Insta profiles with beautiful designs, photographs, and art to share with you all of these goodies.

As one of the fastest-growing photo/video-sharing social media networks, Instagram has become a favorite platform for designers to tell users about their lives, publish their artwork, and share their knowledge. All in all, Instagram is a perfect place to boost design inspiration.

Here are the 35 most interesting design Instagram accounts to follow:

Jessica Walsh

Jessica Walsh Instagram

Jessica Walsh is an art director and illustrator from NYC. She’s the founder of a creative agency Walsh and non-profit organization, Ladies, Wine & Design.

Her design experience dates back to childhood when she has begun designing websites at the age of 11. With over 10 years of design experience, Jessica has become not only a popular designer but also an influencer.

Her social campaigns go viral and the best example is a campaign titled #JessicaWalshHasNoFilter. Her Instagram is a collection of creative artwork that inspires designers, marketers, and entrepreneurs around the globe.

Mike Kus

Mike Kus Instagram

Mike Kus is a graphic designer and illustrator who has been working in the niche for over 15 years. He specializes in photography, graphic/web design, and branding.

Mike has worked with popular brands like Shopify, Farmstead, and Berocca, so it’s no wonder that different design/tech conferences invite Mike to share his tips and tricks with aspiring designers.

The designer shares his photos of nature and architecture on Instagram, and these posts get many likes and comments from his fans.

Seb Lester

Seb Lester Instagram

Seb Lester is an artist and designer from the UK who trained in Graphic Design at Central Saint Martins in London. With the passion for letterforms, patterns & ornaments, the designer creates logos and illustrations.

If you want to learn from a designer who has worked with global companies like NASA, Apple, and Nike, follow Seb Lester. Seb uses Instagram to share his daily calligraphic updates and has over one million followers.

Jing Wei

Jing Wei Instagram

Jing Wei is a talented illustrator from New York who has worked with Airbnb, Google, Target, and many other world-known companies. She entered the world of freelance illustration after college and it gave incredible results.

Fostering her vision, Jing has a unique style and her illustrations grab the attention. She is the author of illustrations and the creator of murals. Jing uses Instagram to publish her unique artwork that grabs attention.

Tobias van Schneider

Tobias van Schneider Instagram

Tobias van Schneider is a self-taught designer from Germany who moved to the USA. Taking a look at his portfolio, you can find works for Red Bull, BMW, Google.

Today, Tobias is the chief product designer at Spotify who has worked as a lead product designer & art director. With love for traveling and photography, his Instagram is a symbiosis of his creative artwork and beautiful photos, so this account has over 50k followers who stay tuned for more.

Kate Moross

Kate Moross Instagram

Kate Moross is a UK-based art director, illustrator, and graphic designer. She is a talented designer who has worked with big brands like Uniqlo, Kiehl’s and Transport for London. With a great number of awards, Kate is often invited to give speeches on graphic design.

Back in 2012, Kate found a design company, known as Studio Moross. Today, Kate has a focus on branding and art direction, so she uses her Instagram to tell stories about her company and their creative artwork.

Christoph Niemann

Christoph Niemann Instagram

Christoph Niemann is an illustrator and artist who has worked with Google, St. Moritz, LAMY. Not only did his work appear on the covers of The New Yorker, WIRED and The New York Times Magazine, but they also won awards from AIGA, the Art Directors Club and The Lead Awards.

Different museums and gallery shows use his works. Plus, Christoph writes books and sells prints, sketches, and drawings, so he uses Instagram to promote his digital goods in a creative way.

Malika Favre

Malika Favre Instagram

Malika Favre is an illustrator and graphic designer from Franco who lives and works in London. Although the illustrator chooses the minimalist style, her works are the combo of Pop art and Op art. Malika has her unique style as she often combines illustrations and geometric patterns, negative and positive colors.

Her Instagram is dedicated to artwork, and her posts get many likes and comments from inspired followers who support Malika in her creative nature.

Llew Mejia

Llew Mejia Instagram

Llew Mejia is a textile designer and illustrator who works freelance. He specializes in pattern/print, packaging, and branding. Over the last few years, Llew has worked with popular companies such as Starbucks, Adidas, Havana Club Rum, and many others.

He is open to collaboration, so it’s no wonder that Llew uses Instagram as a social media portfolio of his artwork. As a result, his profile attracts many followers who seek out design inspiration.

Filip Hodas

Filip Hodas Instagram

Filip Hodas is a 3D illustrator from Prague, Czech Republic. He started working as an illustrator in 2015. Over the last four years, Filip has improved 3D workflow and explored possibilities of Cinema 4D that result in amazing prints.

Filip runs two Instagram accounts, so one of them is dedicated to his artwork. Not only does Filip share his illustrations on the platform, but he also does his best to create a cohesive Instagram feed that grabs attention with ease.

Elia Colombo

Elia Colombo Instagram

Elia Colombo is an Italian designer and illustrator who has Nissan, Adobe, and IKEA among the selected clients. With the struggle for perfection, Elia takes part in various design festivals to demonstrate skills and learn from other designers in the niche.

Being known for his provocative thoughtful illustrations, Instagram account @gebelia has many followers who keep up with the recent artwork. Just take a look at the profile to fall in love with it once and for all.

Ben Johnston

Ben Johnston Instagram

Ben Johnston is an artist and designer from Canada who is good at typography and lettering. He has a unique view and individual approach to every client, so it’s no wonder Ben has encouraged many popular brands like M&Ms, GAP, and Harley Davidson to hire him.

Ben runs an Instagram account to spread the word about his works (murals, illustrations, canvases, etc.), so it has become his portfolio that attracts potential clients and fans.

Ray Oranges

Ray Oranges Instagram

Ray Oranges is an Italian illustrator who loves the minimalist style and details. With the ability to tell any story visually, Ray has worked with Coca-Cola, Airbnb, Sephora, and many other companies.

His success is proven by many design awards. Ray posts his artwork on Instagram and his profile is a gallery of creative illustrations which is worth following without a doubt.

Alex Slobzheninov

Alex Slobzheninov

Alex Slobzheninov is a type and graphic designer who works together with Jessica Walsh at &Walsh as an intern and junior designer.

He has a focus on typography, lettering, and logo design, so he helps brands create unique visuals for their identities. Alex uses Instagram to show off his works, especially lettering.

Omar Aqil

Omar Aqil Instagram

Omar Aqil is a 3D illustrator & art director who has worked for Playstation, Shutterstock, Adobe, and many other famous companies. Omar is a talented illustrator who has a solid portfolio on Behance and Instagram.

His Instagram is a collection of the creative artwork that grabs the attention of potential clients and average users. Omar also creates Instagram Stories Highlights to group the artwork into separate albums.

Marie Kondo

Marie Kondo

Marie Kondo is a consultant and author of 4 books on organizing who has become the best-seller in Japan. Marie teaches people how to organize their houses and has a good taste in visual art.

Her Instagram profile is not just a story of her personal life, but it is also a visual collection of tips on the home organization with beautiful photos.

Ashley Stark Kenner

17 Ashley Stark Kenner

Ashley Stark Kenner is a social media influencer and creative director of STARK, her family business, which specializes in custom-designed carpets and rugs. Although Ashley has inherited a business, she really has a great visual aesthetic taste.

Ashley’s Instagram is a place where she publishes amazing photos of stylish, inspiring interior designs. Thousands of people follow her profile to draw inspiration.

Grace Bonney

Grace Bonney Instagram

Grace Bonney is an author and influencer who has over 15 years of experience in design. Back in 2004, she founded the interior design blog, Design Spong.

Based on her experience, Grace wrote the DIY interior design book. This lady has become influential and she knows actionable tips on the design which Grace shares on her Instagram account.


Pentagram Instagram

Pentagram is the world’s largest independent design consultancy with a great number of products. Founded in 1972, the company has experience in working with various clients, so it has also gained in popularity among fans of design.

The company runs an Instagram business account to spread the word about its products and services, and it also inspires followers from all over the world.

Design Lad

Design Lad Instagram

Design Lad is a freelance 3D illustrator & animation director who has worked with The BBC, Levi’s, Red Bull, and other world-known companies.

Back in 2016, Design Lad was a graphic designer but then he decided to switch 3D Illustration. Today, Design Lad specializes in 3D character & environment design, and his Instagram depicts his creative and fun artwork.

Gianluca Alla

Gianluca Alla Instagram

Gianluca Alla is the founder of Ag, an office for graphic design. The company has worked for Apple, Pinterest, Istat, and others.

With love for graphic design, Gianluca Alla deals with posters, branding, icon set, etc. For the company, Instagram is a place for getting in touch with designers, inspiring them, and sharing useful tips on graphic design.

Leta Sobierajski

Leta Sobierajski Instagram

Leta Sobierajski is a designer and art director who has been awarded as the most talented designers under the age of 30.

Combining design, art, and photography, Leta creates utterly unique visuals that grab the attention. Although Leta has a personal Instagram account where she shares stories about her life, her profile is a source of design inspiration for all visual lovers.

Steven Harrington

Steven Harrington Instagram

Steven Harrington is an artist and designer, known for his psychedelic-pop aesthetic. Steven claims that a thriving mix of cultures has influenced his design style.

His works include installations, prints, books, and sculptures. Outside of commercial work, Steven exhibits artwork in the biggest cities around the globe.

Taking a look at his Instagram, you can find his drawings, illustrations, and sculptures as well as the results of his collabs with famous brands like Nike.

Hashmukh Kerai

Hashmukh Kerai Instagram

Hashmukh Kerai is a UK-based motion designer and 3D illustrator who also works as a creative director at RoomCR6.

Since early childhood, Hashmukh has a love for VFX in Motion Graphics and Design which leads him to various honors and awards. The designer shares his artwork on Instagram and the feed is a collection of illustrations for freelance clients.

Thomas Burden

Thomas Burden Instagram

Thomas Burden is a 3D illustrator who has founded and runs GROWNUP, a design and illustration studio. With experience in design, Thomas deals with all the design, illustration and animation for brands and agencies.

His Instagram is an online portfolio of playful, fun and engaging 3D illustrations. The feed looks eye-catching and creative, so don’t miss a chance to take a look at it.

Helga Stentzel

Helga Stentzel Instagram

Helga Stentzel is a UK-based artist from Russia who specializes in illustration, photography, video, and stop motion animation. With the experience of being an art director in the advertising industry, Helga has gained experience that helps her learn more about branding and design.

The artist uses Instagram for business and fun as she shares the latest updates and engaging behind-the-scenes stories. Her Instagram feed is a gallery of creative artwork that appeals to non-designers.

Daniel Aristizabal

Daniel Aristizabal Instagram

Daniel Aristizabal is a digital artist who works as an art director in the fields of arts, fashion, and entertainment. Daniel is the head of Lazy Eye Studio, a digital design studio that deals with 3D illustrations and stops motion.

His Instagram is a representation of creative and inspiring artworks that gain the attention of Instagrammers.

Ahda Firdaus

Ahda Firdaus Instagram

Ahda Firdaus is an artist who has a focus on hand lettering, typography, and logo design. The popularity and talent of the artist are proven by the list of clients who have hired Ahda.

He has helped various brands (clothing, brands, services). Since the artist is open to commission work, Ahda uses Instagram to show off the projects and artwork.

Mista Design

Mista Design Instagram

Mista Design is a graphic designer who works freelance. He follows the principle ‘less is more’, so his artwork is made in minimalist style with the focus on details.

The designer specializes in creating album covers, mixtape cover design, logos, flyers, social media ads, and website design. With love for memes, Mista also makes funny visuals. This designer also promotes his artwork on Instagram, so the feed is full of creative visuals that inspire.

Erik Marinovich

Erik Marinovich Instagram

Erik Marinovich is a lettering artist and designer who has co-founded Friends of Type, a company that features original typographic design and lettering.

Big brands like Nike, Target, Google, and Facebook have worked with Erik to get help on branding and logo design. His Instagram is a depiction of innovative visuals.

Lauren Hom

Lauren Hom Instagram

Lauren Hom is an artist, designer, and marketer who helps both brands and artists. Her main focus is lettering for brands, but she also deals with creative marketing for artists.

Lauren has worked for Starbucks, Google, AT&T, YouTube, and other companies. With solid experience in the field, Lauren uses Instagram to promote her artwork and webinars as well as share free tutorials on graphic design, so her profile is worth following without a doubt.

Banda Agency

Banda Instagram

Banda Agency is a leading creative agency based in Ukraine that helps local brands find their voices and deliver brand messages to the right audience. The company has a great number of case studies, so it’s no wonder that European designers boost inspiration from this agency.

What is more, Banda Agency offers master classes for marketers and designers, so their team knows tips and tricks which they share on Instagram.

Neil Stevens

Neil Stevens Instagram

Neil Stevens is a graphic artist and illustrator who makes creative prints and visuals. In 2011, he became a full-time freelance designer and founded Velo & Co Paper Goods to help brands with visual appeal.

Over the last few years, Neil has worked with big companies like Skoda, British Airways, Bentley. Today, he sells prints online and uses Instagram to promote his artwork and services, so Neil’s Instagram is an aesthetically appealing feed with various prints, posters, and images.

Spiilka design

Spiilka design is a Ukrainian design agency founded by two partners with the aim to help local businesses deal with brand identity. Over the last three years, the agency has grown and today its team helps companies develop designs that are aligned with their brand identity. Take a look at their Instagram profile to meet their team and see their latest updates.


VistaCreate is a design tool for non-designers who want to create eye-catching images for social media, ads, blogs, and web. VistaCreate users can make visual content with ease, so it’s a perfect fit for marketers, social media specialists, bloggers, entrepreneurs, and other people who need appealing designs quickly. VistaCreate team regularly shares design tips and tricks, inspirational visual content, and more on Instagram.

Have we left someone off the list? Share your favorite Instagram accounts for design inspiration in the comments below.

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