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Enjoy All the New Animated Backgrounds

by Sandra Iakovleva

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Do you sometimes feel like it’s time to give your social media accounts a slight makeover? One of the things you could do to experiment is opt for animated designs. Today, we’ve released new animated backgrounds to give you even more variety in designs.

What are animated backgrounds?

Animated backgrounds are templates that capture movement and motion. They’re great for social media, email marketing and blogs because it’s a more engaging format. You can find a template you like and customize it for your project by adding different text to the template.

You will find all of the animated backgrounds by going to the “Animations” tab on the left side of your artboard, and the tab “Backgrounds” to access all the animated backgrounds.

What you can do with animated backgrounds

You can add your own text as well as objects and icons to make the designs your own. Our animated backgrounds are easy to customize. Once you have your text and elements in place, simply download the design in an mp4 format.

Animated backgrounds give you a blank canvas to work with. If you have a unique message to send, why not try the animated backgrounds to make your text more eye catching? Be the first to try our new designs!

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