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Exciting New Feature: Text Frames

by Sandra Iakovleva

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If you’re new to design, you’ve probably seen professionals make amazing designs where the text stands out because it’s filled with a pattern or an image. For beginners, this seems like some advanced and inaccessible art, so our team set off to make a simple solution. Today we present Text Frames, an easy feature that allows you to fill your text with an image.

If you’re still wondering what Text Frames are, watch our video tutorial and be the first one to try this super easy feature! Any font can be turned into an artistic composition, placing an emphasis on your typeface.

How to use the Text Frames feature:

Step 1: Go to the “Text” menu, and choose the “Heading” text option.

Step 2: Make your font bold and adjust the text size to make it bigger, so that your chosen image will be more visible when you fill the text.

Step 3: Click on the “Create Frame” button which is in the menu above your artboard.

Step 4: Upload or choose a photo from “Photos”, drag and drop it to the artboard. Adjust the image as needed.

Step 5: If you want to edit the text, click “Edit Text”. Next click “Create Frame” again and you can adjust the image again.

Step 6: You’re done! Download your design.

What works well with Text Frames?

Text Frames look great when paired with patterns, and can quickly elevate your designs and make them look even more professional and advanced. You can also try nature backgrounds, and generally images that aren’t too busy. Try a contrasting background color to the image that you’ll use to fill your Text Frame.

Time to try out Text Frames!

Are you eager to try the new feature? Head over to Crello, choose your format, and give this trendy feature a try.

Try Text Frames

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