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Free Blog Image Templates for Every Theme

by Sandra Iakovleva

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Unless you are rnning a photography blog, many would agree that sometimes the hardest part about writing blog posts is finding engaging visuals to go along with the content. One wrong image, and you can easily throw off your readers. Every blogger has a sense of responsibility in this regard. Relax, we understand.

For the sake of aesthetics, we go to great extents to find that perfect image. What if we were to tell you you could create those visuals yourself? With no prior design experience, you can use Crello to create blog images in a few easy steps. Instead of telling you how easy it is, we put together a collection of the top blog image templates from Crello that you can customize right away. Enjoy the variety of aesthetic blog themes and start designing your own visual content today!


Fashion & Style

Healthcare & Medical

Food & Drinks

Education & Science



Home Stuff

Real Estate & Building

Business & Finance


Cities & Places

Travels & Vacations

Leisure & Entertainment

Holidays & Celebration


Arts & Crafts

Nature & Wildlife



Social Activity & Charity

To find more templates to fit your chosen themes, go to www.crello.com, ‘Create a design’, ‘View all 31 formats’, choose your ‘Blog image’ and filter all the templates by categories using the ‘Choose category’ option.

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