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Free Twitter Ad Templates for Every Theme

by Sandra Iakovleva

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Did you know that the shelf life of a Tweet is 4 times shorter than that of a Facebook post? What this means is that you have to change things up quite frequently to stay relevant on Twitter. If you have decided to launch Twitter ads, you might feel a little lost at first but all you really need is a tool to help you quickly and efficiently create visually appealing ads.

With so many factors that must be present for a successful advertising campaign, there is only one factor that you can rely on and weigh in on yourself – design. Designing a Twitter ad abides by much the same rules as other social media ads, where the accent is really on your message and your visuals.

Crello makes designing Twitter ads easy because the templates are already the right size, with the right composition and font pairings. See our list of Twitter ads that really are suitable for every theme. If you liked these designs, visit Crello’s formats page for even more designs. Now, simply choose your favourite Twitter ads, customize, download and maybe even upload all in one day!


Free Twitter Ad Templates 1

[button text=”Edit template” url=”https://crello.com/artboard?template=595357b695a7a863ddce0dd9″ background=”red”/]

Fashion & Style

Free Twitter Ad Templates 2

[button text=”Edit template” url=”https://crello.com/artboard?template=5a37860a5b3acffff7dbd0c1″ background=”red”/]

Healthcare & Medical

Free Twitter Ad Templates 3

[button text=”Edit template” url=”https://crello.com/artboard?template=592e7d8f95a7a863ddcdaa8e” background=”red”/]

Food & Drinks

Free Twitter Ad Templates 4

[button text=”Edit template” url=”https://crello.com/artboard?template=592e782e95a7a863ddcda4d1″ background=”red”/]

Education & Science

Free Twitter Ad Templates 5

[button text=”Edit template” url=”https://crello.com/artboard?template=58a1e79e95a7a863ddcc63c7″ background=”red”/]


Free Twitter Ad Templates 6

[button text=”Edit template” url=”https://crello.com/artboard?template=58a4183495a7a863ddcc7015″ background=”red”/]


Free Twitter Ad Templates 7

[button text=”Edit template” url=”https://crello.com/artboard?template=59b125d21350e8329300bd71″ background=”red”/]

Home Stuff

Free Twitter Ad Templates 8

[button text=”Edit template” url=”https://crello.com/artboard?template=58cfb1e395a7a863ddccca21″ background=”red”/]

Real Estate & Building

Free Twitter Ad Templates 9

[button text=”Edit template” url=”https://crello.com/artboard?template=593686aa95a7a863ddcdd174″ background=”red”/]

Business & Finance

Free Twitter Ad Templates 10

[button text=”Edit template” url=”https://crello.com/artboard?template=58a408f795a7a863ddcc6c27″ background=”red”/]


Free Twitter Ad Templates 11

[button text=”Edit template” url=”https://crello.com/artboard?template=5a6f11658c32ec6f8ba7fd76″ background=”red”/]

Cities & Places

Free Twitter Ad Templates 12

[button text=”Edit template” url=”https://crello.com/artboard?template=58b85beb95a7a863ddccb1e7″ background=”red”/]

Travels & Vacations

Free Twitter Ad Templates 13

[button text=”Edit template” url=”https://crello.com/artboard?template=58b85d9495a7a863ddccb39b” background=”red”/]

Leisure & Entertainment

Free Twitter Ad Templates 14

[button text=”Edit template” url=”https://crello.com/artboard?template=59b26b321350e8329300d489″ background=”red”/]

Holidays & Celebration

Free Twitter Ad Templates 15

[button text=”Edit template” url=”https://crello.com/artboard?template=5a4e0ef48c32ec6f8b936469″ background=”red”/]

Sport & Extreme

Free Twitter Ad Templates 16

[button text=”Edit template” url=”https://crello.com/artboard?template=58a307a795a7a863ddcc65c6″ background=”red”/]

Arts & Handcraft

Free Twitter Ad Templates 17

[button text=”Edit template” url=”https://crello.com/artboard?template=5889910495a7a863ddcc341b” background=”red”/]

Nature & Wildlife

Free Twitter Ad Templates 18

[button text=”Edit template” url=”https://crello.com/artboard?template=590b0c4895a7a863ddcd7023″ background=”red”/]


Free Twitter Ad Templates 19

[button text=”Edit template” url=”https://crello.com/artboard?template=59535bf095a7a863ddce0f72″ background=”red”/]

Social Activity & Charity

Free Twitter Ad Templates 20

[button text=”Edit template” url=”https://crello.com/artboard?template=58b00cc195a7a863ddcc9074″ background=”red”/]

Visit Crello’s inspiration page for even more designs, more inspiration and to see other free templates that will work for your projects.

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