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Getting Interactive: How to Create Press and Hold Photos For Facebook

by Sandra Iakovleva

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Engaging users on Facebook requires occasion innovations. The latest format that has become popular (and entertaining) is the press and hold posts on Facebook. It’s a type of format that users can interact with when using their Facebook mobile application. Once you press on an image, you get a different image, series of images or a video that appears on the screen. Rather than telling you, here’s how it works:

Looks complicated doesn’t it? Turns out, you can actually create one yourself in 3 very easy steps. Integrating these types of posts might just be something fun you can do for your personal page but even more entertaining for your users if you’re promoting a new product or introducing something exciting to the mix.

Here’s what you’ll need to make a press and hold photo on Facebook:

  1. An iPhone

Unfortunately, Androids don’t support press and hold images because there is no option for ‘Live’ or ‘Motion’ photos.

  1. A video or a selection of a few photos you’d like to reveal in the end

Choose 1 image, a series of images that will change as slides in the order you select them, or a short video that will play after users press and hold.

  1. A unique image to tell people to press and hold

Simply an image encouraging people to take the action, usually just states ‘Press and hold’.

  1. initoLive app

The app that helps you compile your interractive photo with the images or videos that will be revealed in the end.

Step 1: Planning the big reveal

The whole point of press and hold photos is that you will reveal something in the end. You can either use a video for the big reveal (up to 30 seconds) or a selection of images that will appear as a slideshow one after another.

Step 2: Create the interactive photos or find video

This is the first image your users will see as they’re scrolling through the Facebook feed. Your image needs to be loud and clear that you need to press and hold, so often people write the words out in their first image. You can easily create this in Crello. Keep in mind that only users that are using their phone app can view this post, so creating an appealing image in Crello is a must to also intrigue and not bore users that won’t have access to their phones.

Another tip is to set a defined target audience (mobile users) if you’re creating a paid ad campaign.

Step 3: Create the press and hold image and share

Using the intoLIve app, you can create your images that will appear after users press and hold. The app automatically creates a slideshow of the photos you select. Remember to keep the same aspect ratio, or images will get cropped.

You upload the post the same way you would with any other image. Make sure that your image has the ‘Live’ icon at the bottom. Remember to let the users know it’s a press and hold post and that it only works with mobile phones.

That’s about it! For a detailed breakdown of how to do this on an iPhone, check out this tutorial:

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