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Happy New 2020 Year from Crello with Love ❤️

by Crello Team

This year was challenging but full of inspiration and breakthroughs for Crello. Our team has significantly improved Crello and plans to continue making it even more user-friendly. Let’s see what 2020 brings us on the plate, but now, we wrap up how Crello evolved in 2019.
Happy New Year

Crello 2019 in review

  • In February, we sent our users Crellontines ❤️
  • We reached a milestone of 1 million users in March 💯
  • Our team empowered women 💪
  • In April, we brought back our Weekly Digest ✍️
  • We made it possible for users to upload their own videos to the Crello artboard 🎥
  • We celebrated Mother’s Day to express gratitude and unconditional love 🥰
  • Crello added a Background feature in video formats 🏞
  • In May, we made it possible to roll up the Templates menu to have more room for creativity 🎨
  • We launched an Affiliate program 👯‍♀️
  • Beta version of Crello iOS app was launched in May too 🚀
  • We created the coolest foodie holidays calendar to celebrate pizzas and chocolates 🍦
  • In June, we participated in the organization of Kyiv SMM Week 💒
  • We added a convenient payment system to Crello—Paypal 💰
  • Our creative team made up Ohoroshennya for Ukrainian citizens 🏙
  • We created a Referral program 👫
  • The full version of the iOS app was released 🥳
  • Crello turned 2 and launched a HUGE SALE to celebrate 🎂
  • We added animated effects, 500k premium photos, and upgraded the search ✅
  • We updated Crello homepage 📝
  • In August, we launched Team functionality for Pro users 🏋️‍♂️
  • We launched a free design kit on Product Hunt and became the Product of the Day 🥇
  • Crello created a beta version of the Android app 💫
  • In September, we created a new Popular Templates section on the homepage ⭐️
  • We added lots of new templates and came back to school 🎓
  • We created a GIF converter 🎬
  • In October, we made our own Insta filter—FaceofEarth—to support Global Climate Strike 🌍
  • We added the possibility to change the color of masks in Crello 🎭
  • Crello visited the coolest design event—Design Village 2019 🧳
  • We created eco posters to encourage office employees going green 🌿
  • Crello experienced major product rebranding ✨
  • We celebrated spooky Crelloween 🎃
  • We came up with another awesome feature—Photo & Video Text 🖼
  • Made it possible to download designs in GIF format ⬇️
  • We added a new Logo format to Crello 💎
  • The fuller version of the Android app was officially released 🚀
  • Crello interface got translated to the Polish language 🇵🇱
  • We hosted brunch for SMM specialists to talk about the latest trends 🔥
  • We launched special programs for non-profits and educational courses 📚

Way to go!

All in all, we are very happy with this year’s achievements and even happier that our community of users truly love Crello and keep up with everything we do for them. Thank you and Happy New Year from the Crello team. Let 2020 be magical! 💫⭐️✨

Also the gift

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