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How to Create Stand Out Twitter Ads: Simple Tips and Tricks

by Sandra Iakovleva

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Every second, there are about 6,000 new Tweets. As a brand, how do you even get noticed among all the noise? Whereas you’re already doing your best to connect to users organically, know that you have Twitter ad options to target audiences that are most likely to bring value to your business.

A few Twitter ad tips can go a long way, and if you’re completely new to advertising on this platform, you’ll find everything you need to create your first campaign.

Should you advertise on Twitter?

To answer this question, you really have to question what your end goal is. However, Twitter ads in comparison to other social networks have very unique targeting features that you won’t find elsewhere.

One of the reasons that can help you decide, is the fact that you pay for performance. This means that you part with your money when you achieve your marketing objective. If you’re looking to boost website conversions, you pay when people take the action. Yes, engagement and organic impressions are therefore free. The same follows for app install campaigns or a follower centered one.

Another big advantage is keyword targeting which allows you to target people that used a certain word, combination of words or a hashtag in their update within a specific time frame. Facebook offers topic targeting, making this Twitter feature a great tool for marketers. You can also target people that have recently engaged with your Tweets and pick specific audiences from the list Twitter offers. Lastly, the cost per click is very low, so you will find it an advantage for running a Twitter ad campaign (certainly saves your budget).

These points really go to show that although Twitter has a disadvantage (a smaller reach), it works to your advantage. For creative marketers, Twitter advertising is a little goldmine. Are you convinced yet?

Moving on to the best Twitter ad examples and tips

The great secret of all effective ads lies in copywriting (and design). We’ll look at some successful ads and introduce ideas you can steal. By steal, we mean adapt to your brand, taking points from successful aspects of brands that did it right.

Twitter ads to increase brand awareness

Tip #1: Cover your what, why and where

It should be clear to the users right away what you’re offering, why it’s useful and where they need to go to find out more.

Undeveloped twitter ad example

Tip #2: Give a sneak preview, get people excited

You can use your content to give a sneak preview, as Super Image Market has done. They highlight important points and details and promise free images (which certainly attracts new customers).

SuperImageMarket twitter ad

Twitter ads for content promotion

Tip #3: Focus on intrigue, be mysterious

This Twitter ad example is successful because it poses questions that curious users will want answered. They create an open loop by introducing a topic without a clear answer which is another technique you can use.

Ideapod twitter ad

Tip #4: People love free stuff, promote free resources

HubSpot isn’t just promoting one article, they’re offering a whole program. The offer is free, which will ultimately peak the interest of many that are even slightly interested in inbound marketing.

HubSpot Academy twitter ad

Tip #5: Promote special content for more engagement

Here’s an example of an ‘unbranded’ topic that users will love (because it’s music), that shows that the brand went out of their way to custom make something that won’t cost them a thing.

The Coca Cola  twitter ad

Twitter ads for lead generation

Tip #6: Use humor where possible to show some personality

It’s nice when marketers try to be witty, and you often see that these types of ads appeal to many because they’re so simple and effortless.

Periscope twitter ad

Tip #7: Use dead simple CTAs

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, here is a Tweet promoting Tweets on Twitter. It’s a very basic ad, that shows that sometimes minimalism is effective as well! The contrasting colors draw attention to this very obvious CTA, which will likely lure users interested in the topic.

Twitter Ads by twitter

Tip #8: Give out incentives

Free account credit? Always a yes! It’s a great way to attract new users. Surface Hotels prioritizes aesthetics, so as to appeal to their target audience. Remember that visuals are key if you want to appeal to specific audiences.

Surface Hotels twitter ad

Tip #9: Don’t be afraid of being bold

MailChimp is notorious for their bold, playful branding and excellent copywriting. They offer incentives, are honest with their policy and rely on their branding to convert.

mailchimp twitter ad

Tip #10: Take advantage of holidays

If you don’t know when to launch your ad campaign, try something seasona. Shomi uses simple graphics in light of the holiday spirit. Could you offer something as a holiday promotion?

shomi twitter ad

Tip #11: Make an offer people can’t refuse

It comes down to how you phrase your offer, and here’s a great example from Spotify. This tiny amount that users have to pay comes with very clear perks. This ensures leads that are likely going to continue using the product.

Spotify twitter ad

The hardest part about launching a Twitter ad campaign is finding your angle. As you can see from these examples, each company has a trick or two up their sleeve – be it through clever copywriting, a touch of personality or great visuals.

Your creativity is what ultimately makes you stand out and accomplish your goals. You can scan these examples before your next campaign, and use our free Twitter ad templates to start on a design or head over to Crello to easily design a unique add that will stand out in the feed.

Create Twitter ad

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