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How to Get More Social Media Engagement from Kick-Ass Content

by Leona Henrynson

Dollar signs and percentages aren’t the only things that matter in the modern business landscape anymore. Likes, comments and tweets—albeit intangible—can be just as valuable. Social media has become a fountain for attracting new customers and boosting revenue. Although, with everyone clamoring to take advantage of social media, it’s no easy feat to get yourself noticed. Setting your brand apart from the rest requires creativity.

In order to shine in the world of social media, you’ve got to rethink your approach altogether. Every brand should try to emphasize and standardized their own unique attributes through its content. New York Magazine, for example, set up an entire Slack channel to ensure they were putting out customized graphics on their Instagram. In just one year, their following grew from 190,000 to 475,000. However, amazing visuals aren’t the only thing that will skyrocket your brand to the top.

Experimenting with various strategies is a fantastic way to discover what tickles your target audience’s fancy. In fact, many companies prefer to use social media potpourri to boost engagement. Daring to be different with your content can pay off big time for your brand. When followers interact with your content regularly, your brand will gain momentum. If that sounds appealing to you, stay tuned for some ways to increase your social media engagement.

Use Polls 

Asking people to put their two cents in goes over exceptionally well. While some participants might initially be hesitant, it shouldn’t take much to coerce them. Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram all have poll features to help you gather opinions. Collecting people’s opinions can help increase engagement, as well as, give you vital information about your audience. Polls get more interaction when they are relevant or touch on topics that are close to home for your brand.

Although regularly sharing polls is an effective strategy, take care not to overdo it. Focus on sharing simple and straightforward polls at peak times. Also, don’t forget to respond and share your results. Your followers will be happy to see the results of polls they are interested in. See how much engagement IKEA got on their Kitchens poll below.

Ask Professionals

We can’t stress enough how important it is to put out really good writing, in order to engage your audience. You can tackle this issue in-house in case you have the budget to delegate writing to your staff writer. In case you don’t have a team of writers working for you it’s important to assign content generation to niche specialists in companies like Online Writers Rating and Essaysupply.

In case you don’t have any staff writers and you’re not willing to outsource content creation, it’s essential to at least consider having your brand’s material edited either with professional editors at Flash Essay or Write Load. This will ensure that your content will adhere to editorial standards.

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Have Competitions

The days of radio giveaways are gone, but social media has successfully filled that void. Chances are you have participated in a competition to win something on social media. If you haven’t, you definitely know someone who has. Consider how many posts you’ve seen with the phrase “like and tag a friend to enter to win.” Brands get loads of impressions, likes, and comments while only giving away a few goodies.

Holding a competition that has a special prize as a reward is a brilliant way to stimulate interaction on your social media pages. Brands like Lay’s and Doritos found major marketing success by holding fan-based flavor contests. Some currently popular formulas are photo or caption competitions. Incorporating a hashtag into your competition can help you track engagement. An effective competition will cultivate a competitive spirit and can help you reach new audiences.

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Hats Off to Superfans

Showing love to your biggest supporters isn’t just for pop stars, brands can take a page from this book, too. After all, your brand would be nothing without the people who cherish it. Letting your current customers ‘take the wheel’ can be an excellent way to say thank you. Of course, that doesn’t mean calling all the shots. Letting loyal customers make minor decisions can be a fun way to get them involved.

Consider TV shows like Survivor and Big Brother which mastered audience voting. Giving your followers a bit of power can drastically increase engagement. Not to mention, allowing users to generate your content will make it more appealing to them. People who already love your brand may even develop a deeper affinity for it. On top of it all, your social media engagement will continue to climb.


Joining forces with other brands or individuals consistently accumulates interest. That’s because collabs bring in new ideas, as well as, old fan bases and can manifest in various forms.

  • Cross-promotion is particularly popular with brands of today.
  • Content placement or periodically sharing one another’s content also seems to work wonders.
  • Long-term partnerships can be fruitful for brands when it comes to leads and revenue, too.

While lower pressure forms of collaboration can increase your engagement, more serious collaboration may have a more significant influence. Taking the plunge and deciding to collaborate on a campaign or project can be huge for your brand. When mammoths McDonald’s and Hello Kitty teamed up in Singapore things got a little out of hand. This collaboration was so mind-blowing that people actually ended up in the hospital. Although you don’t want anyone to get hurt, that kind of interest in your brand is undoubtedly desirable.

Promote Conversations

As you already know, people love to share their opinions. However, receiving feedback is different from having a proper dialogue. At the heart of the great business is great communication. Brands looking to augment their social media standing shouldn’t neglect the undeniable power of conversation. So, get some conversation going!

Whether it’s a DM or tweet, responding to customers will give them validation. Social media is about people, after all. Holding regular Q&A or AMA sessions are also brilliant ways to allow followers to have a conversation. Regardless, it’s that face-to-face interaction that helps solidify a relationship.

“Don’t let your company’s personal connection get lost in the social media Matrix; try to incorporate physical conversations as much as possible.” — Jarred Johansson, customer experience manager at Get Good Grade.

Share Experiences

Testimonials and reviews are classic ways to incorporate your followers’ experiences into the social media feed. Still, you have to keep in mind that followers’ feeds grow crowded quickly. Putting a different spin on how your brand shares experiences can help your content float to the top. Brainstorm ways in which you can get your followers to contribute their own personal experiences. Social currency pushes your engagements to new heights.

Even if you’ve never been, you can imagine what it might be liked to attend the Goliath music festival Coachella. That’s due in part to the brand’s willingness to share glimpses of the experience. Photos, videos and live streams from the festival feed the desire to connect with other people via the brand. However, a simple campaign can work just as well for smaller brands. Slogans and hashtags tied to personal experiences will rack up engagement in no time.

Support Charities

It doesn’t matter if you’re a big or small brand, showing your humanitarian side puts you in everyone’s good graces. Supporting and donating to charities will make followers see you as compassionate and down to earth. Furthermore, aligning your brand with a specific ethos will have a profound effect on the way people engage with it. If you support the same charity as your followers, any content that you post about it will get good engagement. Additionally, you may gain new followers on behalf of your work with that charity.

“A good case in point is animal rights campaigns. Although they have been controversial for some time, plenty of beauty brands are stepping up to support them.” — Amanda McCoy, marketing manager at Writing My Resume.

The Body Shop even decided to promote a petition against animal testing on their Instagram. This post was immensely successful with a cornucopia of likes and comments in support.  It’s only natural that everyone wants to participate and help those who can’t help themselves.

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As markets change and new technologies develop, social media’s power remains constant. There seems to be no stopping the hold that it has on today’s society. For companies, the organic interaction social media offers is unbeatable. Having an immediate connection to prospects and consumers can substantially shape a brand’s success. Moreover, it can help companies rise above their competition.

Innovation and determination are the hallmarks of excellent social media strategies. In fact, mediums like live streaming and virtual reality are poised to overtake the current trends.

“Integrating the user visually and mentally is more important than ever before. Although, the emotional connection followers have with brands tips that scale. Content that provokes joy, excitement, and belonging can help cement engagement.” — Jeremy Hayes, content editor at  Best Writers Canada and TheEssayTyper.


When consumers feel as though they are a part of something, they will be happy to contribute regularly. That’s precisely why competitions and polls receive so much action. The natural impulse to participate, more so in something they are passionate about, drives followers to click and type. Still, setting the stage for consumers to be the stars of the social media show is what really brings home the bacon.

Laying out a red carpet for your followers and persuading them to speak their minds will significantly increase your engagement. Once you’ve figured out just how to get your followers to interact consistently, you’ll be sitting pretty. Although, that will likely take a bit of practice. Have a go at several of these strategies to find which of them sends your engagement rates to another planet.

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