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How to Give Your Social Media Pages a Proper Makeover

by Sandra Iakovleva

how to give social media page a makeover

You always hear that first impressions matter, it’s actually no different with social media. Whether you run brand and business or personal accounts, the general appearance of your social media page will be a deciding factor in acquiring new clients, followers and inspiring engagement overal.

This time of the year is perfect for a social media makeover. The first thing you have to do is run a full analysis of the effectiveness of your social media presence (so you know what to focus on), identifying problem areas and finally changing things up for the better.

The crucial first step

Before we get to the visuals and details, something very important has to happen. You need to acquire an understanding of where your business stands before you go about changing images and perfecting your copy. Put together a document of all the essential information about your social media accounts, URLs and specify who runs them.

You will want to look at possible weak points on all your pages, treating them separately. Remember that each social media platform is unique, so analyze your accounts based on the tools you have available for each one. How much referral traffic does each page send to your website? If you see a platform dropping short of engagement, it’s a sign to focus your attention on the platforms that show promising results.

It’s a common misconception that you have to be active on every possible social media network. Remember that it’s always best to specialize and excel in a few platforms rather than doing a mediocre job that brings no results in all the platforms. Once you have an accurate analysis of your online activity, you can start cleaning up your pages and working on improving your online presence.

Do I need a social media makeover?

If you’re not seeing the results you’d like, yes. You also need to ask yourself how you’d like your brand to be perceived online and the possible changes you hope to see. There has to be a consistency with all your social media platforms in this regard. We can help you with visuals, but questions about your goals should be addressed first and foremost. These changes also need not be done in one day, you can spread out your revamping of pages throughout the week, devoting enough time to each platform.

Facebook account makeover

facebook cover template

Cover photo: Check out our collection of free Facebook cover templates and try to choose something seasonal or trendy. This is also a great source to turn to if you frequently update your cover photo. The image needs to represent your company and be in line with your brand aesthetics.

Logo or profile image update: The tiny icon that’s 160×160 pixels can be used to feature a logo or a small profile picture. Keep in mind that you can make modifications to this image but it has to look good in an even smaller format (90x90px) as seen in the news feed.

Apps and icons: You can choose up to 3 apps that you’d like to show at the top of the page. This should be your top 3 accounts, as you’ve decided based on the first section of this article.

Removing apps you don’t use: Remove the ones you simply don’t need. Under “Edit Page”, you can review messaging settings, tagging, app access and many other little details that can make a difference to how your page operates.

Instagram account makeover

instagram post template free

Bio, links, hashtags: Your brief bio should describe your business, include relevant hashtags and include a link to your website.

Business or personal: If you’re running a business, you need a business account to keep track of analytics which offers great insights for those interested in perfecting their online strategy.

Coherence: You can use the ‘Archive’ feature on Instagram to archive your old posts so they’re not visible in your feed. This is important if you want your Instagram page to look coherent and be more up to date with your business as of now.

Pinterest account makeover

pinterest free graphics templates

Change account type: Like Instagram, Pinterest also has the option of changing your account type to business.

Profile image, about section: Include your business logo that displays on your other social media pages. Describe your business briefly and remember that Pinterest is a social media for inspiration, not promotion.

Organize boards: The first obvious place to start with Pinterest will be organizing your boards to fit themes that show your specialty. You can find out more about images that perform well and inspiration for graphics in our article on images for Pinterest. Arrange boards in order, update cover images and rename your boards so it’s easier to navigate.

Twitter account makeover

twitter header free templates

Cover photo: We put together a collection of free Twitter header designs so you can choose from ready made templates or gather inspiration to create a custom design. The size is already set, so that’s one less thing to worry about.

Bio: You have a 160 character limit so take your existing brand or company description and make it a little more concise for Twitter.

Location, links: Make sure your location is accurate and your links work. All your social media pages should be leading back to your website.

LinkedIn account makeover

linkedin free templates for posts

Polish homepage details to perfection: You need to be very precise with your company page. Edit your company type, size, industry, location and URL. Make sure these details are up to date and reflect your business as of now.

Company description: You have 2,000 characters which is the perfect place to go into detail about your company. Your LinkedIn page is for other professionals, so you can afford to go into more detail on this social media platform.

Logo: For LinkedIn, be sure to include your company logo with an image that is 646×220 pixels.

Services page: In the products and services page, customize the details to include images, descriptions, videos and any other additional information that will be useful to people learning about your business.

Google+ account makeover

Google+ free templates for posts

Google+ is often overlooked by brands but you should also know that Google+ is really beneficial to search engine optimization. Things you post get picked up by Google so turns out it’s actually a really great platform for getting discovered.

Cover image: The Google+ cover image should be 2120×1192 pixels. You can easily set this format up in Crello, as a custom design and include your logo and some text on the cover image.

The ‘About’ section: As we’ve discussed, consistency across social media about your business needs to be in line with other platforms. You can update your page’s tagline or add an intro.

Double check links: Make sure all your links on Google+ are up to date.

Details and contact info: Include your business’s phone number, email, working hours and address. This is essential as this content is used for services like Maps.

YouTube channel makeover

youtube channel art free templates

Youtube channel art: With Crello, you don’t have to worry about the perfect size for your YouTube channel art. See our collection of free YouTube channel art templates to start the visual makeover part of your page.

Channel icon: Make sure this image is in high resolution and displays well in a smaller size.

Description: Optimize your description for search engines. You can also go into a bit more detail, but focus on what your YouTube channel is about.

Other links: You can add links to other social media pages so your pages are more discoverable to those that stumble on your YouTube page.


Clearly, there’s a lot of work to be done. The last important point of emphasis is that there should be some unity in all your social media accounts. Make sure there is some sense of coherence, be it in style or writing that makes your brand look great across all the social media platforms. With tools like Crello, giving your social media accounts a makeover is no hassle. In fact, you can start right about now.

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