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How to Keep Things Exciting on Social Media During the Holidays

by Sandra Iakovleva

In cased you missed our earlier article, we covered 5 brilliant ideas for social media marketing campaigns. As an extension of the article, we thought we’d share useful tips and advice on how to keep things light and exciting during the holidays on social media. We could all use a little motivation to carry us through this busy season.

Given you already have a strategy in place, here are the little things you can do to boost some activity on your social networks. An average person is active on at least 2-3 social networks so it’s probably worth your time to focus your attention on those networks where your audience is most active.

You also have to understand that people are of course on the lookout for great deals, gift ideas and discounts from brands but at the same time they would rather be entertained and pleasantly surprised by your creativity. If you want to stand out from your competitors, focus on the value you can bring to your followers in light of the holiday spirit.

Given that your primary task is to spread the holiday spirit and get people to interact on your social media platforms, all you really need is one ingenious idea. We kick off the list with a classic holiday makeover.

1. Mission: social media holiday makeover

Your Facebook and Twitter covers could use a little dazzle. You can start by looking at our free inspirational collection for the holiday season to get an idea of the available formats. Start with the obvious, change up the look and feel of your social media accounts.

It’s also a good idea to try thematic video content for your Facebook cover. Anything that is out of the ordinary for your brand or business is a go for the holiday season! Use this opportunity to get a little creative.

2. Spread the holiday spirit and have some fun with your posts

Announcing new offers? Do it with a touch of humor and a fun post! Crello’s animated posts are a marketer’s go-to especially at this time of the year. All you have to do is customize the text of the templates and easily add some movement to your otherwise static designs.

On top of all this goodness, you can further improve your designs with Crello’s new features – frames and stickers. To find frames and stickers, go to Create a Design, Objects and find Frames and Stickers in the tabs in the menu on the left of the screen.

3. Go viral with a little bit of humor

There’s a time for formalities and being serious and sophisticated – well not this holiday season! Lighten up the mood, inject some humor into your copy and give your followers something to smile about.

If you’re successful, users will share your content and that’s probably one of the best ways to spread brand awareness. There’s no secret formula to going viral on social media, but it’s been proven that humor works magic.

Although it might be tempting to get carried away with all the sarcasm and the jokes, you have to remember that your content has to match your brand. In any case, light humor won’t intervene with your style or change the way your customers perceive your brand. You might just find that people are more responsive when you let go of perfectionism.

4. Take your followers behind the scenes

What’s going on in your office at this time of the year? Surely, you’re also getting into the holiday spirit with decorations and end of the year projects. Take your followers behind the scenes of how you’re preparing special offers, the decor in your office and your team busy at work on upcoming projects.

With so many events and festivities going on, why not invite your audience to share some of the fun? Live stream videos are a great tool to let your followers in on a very authentic and transparent experience.

This does one of two things – you get a little more personal with your clients, and you show them you care enough to share a part of your day and your surroundings with them. Most of your clients will appreciate this gesture and likely tell others about your activities. This kind of gesture adds a more human element to your brand, making you more credible and raising awareness about your business.

5. Get involved with your community

If you shift your strategy just a little and focus on your customers, you can start planning for bigger holiday offers and events. The goal is to get people involved and create something fun people will want to participate in. This can be in the form of contests, or posts on social media asking your followers for their thoughts and opinions.

Creating a sense of community around your brand is actually something you want to do all year round. The holiday season is a great time to start and maybe even experiment to see what works and what doesn’t for your brand. In both cases, you’re looking for a fun way to get your audience involved.

In this process, you should have an active role in curating the project, answering any questions people may have and working to promote your holiday specials.

6. Create hype around your holiday offers

You can use your social media pages to occasionally remind your followers about your special offers. Every brand tries to offer something unique and interesting and the best way to let others know about your activity is through social media pages.

Some brands even create their own hashtags to go along with their projects. This is something really basic but very effective in the long run and could help you expand your reach. Keeping people in anticipation of something great (like a giveaway) can be quite entertaining. A sense of urgency around your offers can further help you retain customers.

Another tip is that if you’re making an announcement about a holiday offer on your Facebook page, make sure you pin it at the top of the page so it’s the first thing people see when they stumble on your page.

7. Share simple tips and free advice

Get warm and fuzzy with people before the holidays! There’s nothing more personal than some well written advice that can help your clients and potential customers. It’s another little thing you can do to get a little up close and personal.

If you don’t like the warm and fuzzy vibe, consider that consumers love content that gives them an extra advantage. Depending on your niche, you can share some of your expertise that is relevant to the holiday season. You can potentially position yourself as a go-to source of useful information – more followers for you and beneficial content for your followers. Oh, and as usual, a little humor can go a long way.

8. Support a good cause

It’s as good a time as any to do something for others. While you’re at it, you might as well get more people involved! Every company has values, and finding a charity or an organization that is aligned with those values is a great opportunity. You’re not doing this for publicity, but rather to get more people involved in a good cause.

Your clients and anyone that stumbles on your social media page promoting a good cause is going to remember you because of it. Again, this could be something integrated into your strategy throughout the year, but why not give it a try this holiday season?

9. Give back to your customers

Lastly, zoom in on the wants and needs of your clients. You likely get feedback throughout the year about the things your clients like about your business, what they would like to see more of and you probably know by now what has worked well for you.

See if you can give something away to your customers as a note of thanks this holiday season. This can be (as an example) a small gift after they make a purchase. You could also make holiday cards (physical or virtual) to send along with purchases or any other little token of appreciation that is suitable for your business.


This article has been a collection of little things you can do, perhaps a little out of the ordinary or simply thoughtful to keep things exciting and refreshing on your social media accounts. If you have other ideas you’d like to share, leave them in the comments section below.

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