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How to Quickly Create a Double Exposure Photograph

by Sandra Iakovleva

Crello is great for little design tasks. It’s much easier to manipulate photographs than in more complex editors. Today we’ll show you how to quickly (by this we mean 3 minutes) create double exposure photographs.

For this tutorial, we used the ‘Blog Title’ format, but keep in mind that you can choose any of the existing templates or create your own custom dimensions.

Step 1: Go to www.crello.com

Pick a format or set the size you need for your image.

Step 2:  Upload photos

You can upload your photos by clicking on the ‘Uploads’ tab and ‘Upload Image’. Alternatively, you can go to the ‘Photos’ tab and search and purchase the images you need.

Step 3:  Fit image to canvas

Click on the image you uploaded and it will appear on your artboard. Use the points on the image to stretch it to fit the canvas.

Step 4:  Applying filters

For this double exposure tutorial, we’re creating a black and white version. Click on the image and go to the ‘Effects’ menu. Click ‘Greyscale’ to convert the image to black and white.

Step 5:  Add a second image

Upload a second image and click on it. It will appear on top of your existing canvas. You will now begin working with layers.

Step 6:  Fit image to frame

Stretch the image to fit on top of your background. Click on the same filter to convert it to black and white.

Step 7:  Using transparency

The third icon of the images menu is the ‘Transparency’ option. Click on it and adjust the transparency of the image on top.

Step 8: Download your image

You’re done! Click download.

Step 9:  Choose your format

Click on the format that you need to start downloading.

Final image:

You can use the same steps to create color double exposure images:

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