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Create Ads that Convert: Our Ultimate Facebook Ad How-to

by Christina Golovach

Create Ads that Convert: Our Ultimate Facebook Ad How to

One in four people who clicked on a Facebook ad within 30 days has purchased a product they saw on the network, according to Kleiner Perkins report. With over two billion monthly active users, the social network is the most obvious advertising avenue that allows companies reach almost any type of customer. Actually, one would be hard-pressed to find a business that couldn’t benefit from Facebook advertising.

In January 2018, the company updated their news feed algorithm to prioritize conversations and interactions between families and friends. This resulted in a steep decrease in reach, referral traffic and video viewing time for commercial pages.

Due to these algorithm changes, most of your followers – even if you have thousands of them – won’t see your post, regardless of how faithfully they hit the like button underneath your content they do see in their feeds. Paid promotion for your posts seems to be your best option, so come dive into our comprehensive guide to creating Facebook ads that convert!

Designing a Facebook ad

Images account for 75% to 90% of a Facebook ad performance, reports Consumer Acquisition. That’s why selecting the right visuals for your ad is such a crucial task. No pressure! But how to design an appealing image if you’re only vaguely familiar with a handful of core design principles and might have opened Photoshop a few times over the last decade?

Save yourself the trouble of cropping images, selecting color palettes and pairing fonts – use one of Crello’s Facebook ad templates. Created by professional designers, they will save you a lot of grief and time. Here’s a selection of free Crello Facebook ad templates you can try.

Appealing Facebook ad in 3 simple steps

Step 1

Go to the Crello homepage and click View all 36 formats. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find Facebook ad format at the very bottom, part of the Advertising section:

create instagram ad

Step 2

Choose a template you like. To find templates by topic, use keyword search or filter the templates by category: Beauty, Food & Drinks, Education & Science, Business & Finance, Travels & Vacations, and more.

facebook ad templates

Step 3

Customize the template. Add or delete objects, move and adjust design elements, change text, fonts, and images. Here’s how we customized the above template:

facebook ad templates

Now, let’s explore the three super secret Crello features that you can utilize to create the perfect ad for your Facebook campaign;)

1. Pages

Want to test a few versions of your ad? Need to create an ad in several languages? Creating multiple designs for a multi-banner campaign? Use Crello’s Pages option to duplicate and edit your designs. Here’s how to apply it.

As you are editing the template, click the Pages tag on your right. You’ll see the Pages bar appear on the right side of the screen. Note the Add new page button in the Pages bar. If you hover over any page of your design, you’ll see buttons to add or remove pages and create duplicates of existing designs:

Create Ads that Convert: Our Ultimate Facebook Ad How to

Use the Pages feature to make a side-by-side comparison of subtle changes within your ad or create a few variants of your ad, including in several languages, or prepare materials to perform A/B testing for a color or slogan. Download all or several of your pages as a ZIP file.

2. Text grid

Another useful tool for marketers designing their ads in Crello is the Text grid. Facebook states that images with less than 20% of text perform better as ads. That means you want to control the space your text takes up within your design, so to optimize your ad for Facebook, use Crello Text grid.

To employ the tool, click the green Show Text grid button to the top left of your design (only available in the Facebook Ad format). After you click the button, the Text grid will be displayed on your design:

Create Ads that Convert: Our Ultimate Facebook Ad How to

Once you are done designing, get the answer from the horse’s mouth – check the text in your ad with Facebook’s official Text Overlay tool.

Upload your image and receive one of the four labels – the green OK label, two yellow ones (your ad’s reach may be lower due to all the text on your image), or a red one (this one’s a warning – you’ve included way too much text an the service alerts you to the possibility of your ad not running at all if you try to run a campaign using the image).

3. Customizable Text badges

Another useful tool for marketers using Crello to design their Facebook ads is the Text badges feature. In the Texts tab in the left menu, you can find a collection of free pre-designed Text elements that can help you announce a sale, introduce a discount, and more. The badges are actually editable, so you can change their color, text, fonts, and more.

In order to explore the feature, go to Texts and select the item you want to add to your design:

Create Ads that Convert: Our Ultimate Facebook Ad How to

Drag the piece to its desired position within the design and align it, as needed. Next, click the Ungroup button in the top menu bar of your screen to edit text, change colors within the item and move around its elements:

Create Ads that Convert: Our Ultimate Facebook Ad How to

To blend the newly added item with your chosen template, select individual design elements of the template and find their color code in the Object colors floating menu:

Create Ads that Convert: Our Ultimate Facebook Ad How to

Copy the color code and change the colors within your Texts item accordingly. Edit text, adjust fonts and item locations/sizes as needed. Download your final result:

Create Ads that Convert: Our Ultimate Facebook Ad How to

How to start a campaign

Now that you are done designing your ad (s), time to run your campaign. Starting an ad campaign on Facebook is similar to creating Instagram ads using Facebook Ads Manager – a topic that we’ve discussed before.

To start your campaign, go to the Facebook ads manager and set up your account. Choose the goal of your campaign. Do you want to increase reach, get more traffic or generate leads? Pick one and move to selecting your audience and setting daily budget. Add your image and create your ad. After that, you can start advertising.

Create Ads that Convert: Our Ultimate Facebook Ad How to

Export your designs directly into Facebook Ads Manager

Crello’s brand new feature, Facebook Ads Manager integration now helps you upload your designs directly into the Facebook interface, without leaving Crello.

Use Facebook Ads Manager integration to upload the ad you designed to your Facebook Ads Manager directly from your Crello profile in just a few clicks. Let’s look at the process step by step.After you are done designing your ad in Crello, click the Share button in the top right corner of your screen and choose the option to Send to Facebook Ads Manager in the floating window:

Create Ads that Convert: Our Ultimate Facebook Ad How to

Next, connect to Facebook if you are using the integration feature for the first time. Once your account is connected, you are prompted to choose an ad account to export your design to (handy if you manage several). Make the choice and wait for the file with your ad design to be uploaded to your Facebook Ads Manager image gallery.

When the process is complete, you will see the respective note of the screen. Now you can find your design in the Images folder of the Assets tab in your Facebook Ads Manager interface:

Create Ads that Convert: Our Ultimate Facebook Ad How to

Here is my freshly uploaded design:

Create Ads that Convert: Our Ultimate Facebook Ad How to

Facebook advertising tips

Before we sign off, here are three tips for Facebook advertising that you can use to improve your campaigns.

1. Email targeting

One great audience for your Facebook ad campaign are the people who already know you – chances are, you already have an email database compiled from the addresses of your subscribers or the people holding your loyalty card. Most of them use Facebook. Upload their emails to Facebook Ads manager by clicking the Audience tab, select Create a custom audience and add the file with your emails.

You can run a campaign for your custom audience or have Facebook create a lookalike audience if you feel your database is too small. Facebook will analyze your audience and expand the target demo by including more users with similar demographic and social characteristics and interests.

2. Facebook pixel

Many people leave your website without making a purchase – maybe they haven’t decided between several items or plan to purchase the items later. Whatever the reasoning, it’s a good idea is to catch them on Facebook. Just add a short piece of code to your website for Facebook to track actions like adding items to cart and target your Facebook campaigns to reach these potential customers.

In order to use Facebook pixel, go to Events Manager (under Measure & Report in Ads Manager) and choose Facebook Pixels. Create a new pixel and get the code to add to your web pages.

Create Ads that Convert: Our Ultimate Facebook Ad How to

3. A/B tests

Facebook split testing allows you to run different ads for split audiences of random, non-overlapping groups. You can test different images, slogans, images vs video, test an ad for different demos or locations, different placements and more. Run split tests to determine the best way to advertise on the platform and make the most of your advertising budget.

Final thoughts

Designing Facebook ads and running advertising campaigns can be an exciting undertaking as long as you take time to familiarize yourself with some basics. Use Crello’s design and template editing tools to create amazing ads and upload new designs to your campaign without leaving the Crello interface.

Ready to get to designing your ad? Start with one of our 20 free Facebook ad templates or learn to create an animated ad in Crello as animated ads are all the rage these days!

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