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How to Search Animated & Video Designs, Backgrounds, and Objects in Crello

by Mary Ivanova

How to Search Animated & Video Designs, Backgrounds, and Objects in Crello

As Crello collection of animated and video templates, backgrounds and objects is rapidly growing every day, more and more users are requesting a walkthrough of the search process for all the available visuals. That’s why we are dedicating today’s update to all the search options you can employ to find the right visual for your needs!

1. Interface search bar

If you want to find an animated or video template, background or object by a specific keyword, use the search bar in the Search tab of the left-side menu in Crello editing interface:

search in crello editing interface online image editor

Type in your search query and select the type of search you want to perform in the drop down menu. Your options include:

  • search through templates (Designs),
  • animated backgrounds and objects (Animations),
  • short clip video library (Videos),
  • stock images collection (Photos), static backgrounds (Patterns),
  • Icons (simplified images to add to your designs)
  • Illustrations (more sophisticated visuals that can become a focus point of your design as they are more detailed and complex).

illustrations in crello interface online image editor

2. Template database

Use Crello template database crello.com/templates/ to quickly browse designs by having them displayed in thumbnail preview. You’ll see 60 template previews on one page, which can be very handy for video and animated designs as their short clip previews in the editor interface tend to take more time to load.

templates in crello online image editor

Choose Animated Designs section to only browse video and animated designs. You can also look through each of the available formats individually: square Animated post, narrow horizontal Facebook video cover, horizontal Full HD video, and vertical Instagram Video Story.

You can also search for templates by keyword by entering your query in the search bar in the top middle section of your screen (see image above).

3. Template categories

If you aren’t set on a specific visual in your design, you can browse the templates you need by category. Looking through templates by category can also provide you visual ideas related to your topic or industry that you didn’t think of on your own.

How to Search Animated & Video Designs, Backgrounds, and Objects in Crello

The newly introduced 22 categories for animated and video designs in Crello editor will help you select the right template without having to look through dozens of templates for each format. The available categories include:

Beauty, Fashion & Style, Healthcare & Medical, Food & Drink, Education & Science, Technology, Industry, Home Stuff, Real Estate & Building, Business & Finance, Transportation, Cities & Places, Travels & Vacations, Leisure & Entertainment, Holidays & Celebration, Sport & Extreme, Arts & Handcraft, Nature & Wildlife, Pets, Religions, Social Activity & Charity, Kids & Parents.

Final thoughts

Search for the visuals to fit your needs using Crello’s search tools:

  • search bar in the Search tab on the left of the editing interface to search for templates, stock photos and videos, as well as design elements and backgrounds,
  • category browsing through filtering by category with the help of Choose category button at the top of the template menu to the left from the design area,
  • template database to browse up to 60 templates per page.

Pro tip: Swap photos, videos, backgrounds or other design elements within your template to create a themed design even if your template isn’t exactly fitting your topic or industry right off the bat. Change colors of the fonts and shapes within the design to make sure everything fits your theme neatly.

Want to turn static images into motion? No problem! Check out guide to creating animated and video visuals out of your photos and illustrations using Crello’s media library and editing tools here.

Still not convinced video and animation are what you need for posts and ads? Read our case study on comparing the performance of an ad in each of the two formats.

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