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In-Depth on Crello’s New Plans

by Mary Ivanova

In Depth on Crello New Plans

How do Advanced and PRO differ? Are all vectors now really included? Wait, video upload is live?! And most importantly – are you getting more for your buck? In this post, we are covering everything you wanted to know about Crello’s new plans but didn’t get around to asking;)

Crello Plans

From free stock images and vectors to video upload – Crello just got a major overhaul, and it’s time for an in-depth look at all the changes.

Crello plans at a glance

Crello now has three subscription plans:

  • Basic (forever free)
  • Advanced ($7.99/month)
  • PRO ($19.99/month)

Here are the key differences:

In Depth on Crello New Plans

New features

New plans come with a bunch of new features. Let’s look at each in more detail.

Video Upload (PRO only)

The most anticipated update in Crello yet!

PRO users can now customize video and animated designs using their own footage:

In Depth on Crello New Plans

Uploaded video can be used in any of the 4 video formats:

  • Instagram Video Story
  • Full HD
  • Animated Post
  • Facebook Video Cover

Editing actions available for uploaded videos:

  • Cut length
  • Adjust size
  • Move between layers
  • Flip
  • Rotate
  • Change transparency

Footage length requirements for a finalized design (you can cut raw video in Crello):

  • Instagram Video Story – 6 to 15 seconds
  • Full HD & Animated Post – 6 to 60 seconds
  • Facebook Video Cover – 21 to 60 seconds

Free Vectors (both PRO & Advanced)

Up there with video upload, our users requested subscription plan option to get vectors as part of a paid plan, without the $0.99 charge for each item used.

This is why we’ve included all previously paid vector illustrations and icons in both Advanced and PRO subscription plans!

In Depth on Crello New Plans

6,000 vectors – that’s $5,940 worth of icons and illustrations – are now available to Advanced and PRO subscribers for free.

Advanced and PRO users can use vectors to customize templates or create designs from scratch with no limits and no additional payments.

In Depth on Crello New Plans

Monthly Free Images (PRO & Advanced)

Another popular question Crello support gets both in direct messages and on social media is why there are so much less free photos than paid stock options?

It’s true, Crello offers 5,000 free photos versus 100-million library of $0.99 stock images sourced from Depositphotos.

With new plans, that’s changing.

For Advanced users, we threw in 5 free stock images a month. For PRO – 10 free stock images a month.

More good news?

The images are accumulable!

In Depth on Crello New Plans

That’s right – if you haven’t used up your 5 or 10 image quota per month, it transfers to the next month!

Use up your free stock image quota when you need – unused slots transfer to the next month of your paid subscription.

At $0.99 an image, you save $4.95 and $9.9 on your stock photos monthly.

Premium Templates (PRO & Advanced)

Another request we receive fairly often is more. new. templates.

Here’s how the premium template option allows us to release more templates.

Right now, Crello offers:

  • 8,000 free templates (available for Basic, Advanced and PRO subscribers)
  • 12,000 premium templates (available for Advanced and PRO subscribers)
  • 5,000 premium video and animation templates (available for PRO subscribers)

In Depth on Crello's New Plans

On average, we extend our template library by 700 new templates a month.

In Depth on Crello New Plans

To create new designs, we:

  • study what visuals and formats you need most,
  • retain an in-house team of designers,
  • cooperate with external design agencies.

To scale the production and keep extending our template database, we divided templates into free and premium.

Both groups are updated regularly, with premium templates getting about double the amount of new free templates each month.

Who can save with Advanced

Users that need premium templates

At $7.99 a month, Advanced users get access to double the template database, as there are 12,000 premium templates in Crello versus 8,000 free templates.

Users that use vectors to create designs

Vector icons and illustrations that cost $0.99 for Basic plan users are free for Advanced (and PRO) subscribers.

Just 8 vectors and your monthly subscription is paid off.

Users that use stock images in their designs

Since stock images in Crello 100-million library are all $0.99, an option to download 5 of them for free will save you $4.95 each month.

More – 5 stock images don’t expire at the end of the month and transfer to the next month of your subscription.

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