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Instagram Accounts For Design Inspiration

by Sandra Iakovleva

There comes a time when you need a little boost of creativity, something to propel you through your projects and open up your mind to what’s possible. Instagram is a great platform for just that. It’s an endless feed of inspiration where artists, designers, photographers and illustrators have built up their miniature galleries.

To save you some time in your search, we did a little curation ourselves. Our list doesn’t end here, there are hundreds of inspiring Instagram accounts for design inspiration. Scroll through, and share your favourite accounts with us!

1. @ashleyevansart

2. @neil_a_stevens

Out for a spin.

Публикация от Neil_A_Stevens (@neil_a_stevens)

3. @studiomuti

Desert wanderer.

Публикация от MUTI (@studiomuti)

4. @junedigann

5. @tomhaugomat

6. @handmadefont

7. @mdemilan

Shit happens

Публикация от DAVID MILAN (@mdemilan)

8. @pantone

9. @designseeds

today’s inspiration image for { color collect } is by @caroline_south … thank you, Caroline, for another incredible #SeedsColor image share!

Публикация от Jessica Colaluca, Design Seeds (@designseeds)

10. @lucialitman

Pantoasts from @themillsf. #pantoneposts

Публикация от lucy litman (@lucialitman)

11. @darias88

12. @ilovedust

I can’t stand by and watch you destroy. #ilovedust #illustration

Публикация от ilovedust (@ilovedust)

13. @heystudio

Happy birthday Singapore! #heystudio #singapore #GalleryAndCo @galleryandco by @enricbadrinas

Публикация от Hey (@heystudio)

14. @dschwen


Публикация от Dschwen (@dschwen)

15. @kellianderson

This list could use your picks as well. What are your favourite Instagram accounts for design inspiration?

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