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Last Minute Christmas Ideas for Small Businesses

by Sandra Iakovleva

It’s 11 days till Christmas, and you’re probably quietly losing it because there are a million things on your plate for the holiday season and now you’ve also got to make late calls. Take a breather, because it’s better late than never.

No business can ignore Christmas, let alone the whole winter holiday season. It’s an exciting time, and you know what? Sometimes last minute ideas make for the best decisions, trumping campaigns that have been in the making since September.

Sure, you don’t have the time to make cool thematic videos or launch an intricate campaign for your clients. What you can do is embrace the fact that the year isn’t over yet, and it’s not too late to launch some small and fun holiday campaigns. Some of the best ideas, are just plain simple. Let’s get started.

Send out personalized digital cards

If there’s one thing you can do for your clients, it’s to let them know you care and send warm wishes your way. Digital cards don’t have to be a hassle to design. Crello has dozens of different templates especially for this occasion. All you have to do is customize them with your text.

You’ve still got quite some time, so the next level project would be to personalize cards for your most loyal customers. A few kinds words can go a long way, and you can use your emails to mention some of your new and upcoming products or service updates.

A simple ‘Happy Holidays’ email

Have a sit down, craft a beautifully phrased, eloquent and sweet email to send out to all your customers. This doesn’t need to include any advertising, simply another way to thank your clients if you don’t want to get artsy with a holiday card or don’t have the time to personalize your message. As a bonus, offer a little gift which can be something really simple and easy to do.

Animate your social media pages

It doesn’t all have to be completely serious and sophisticated. Do a visual countdown till Christmas with Crello’s animated designs. It’s a quick solution to your frequent deliberation on what to post on social media.

Pair an animated design with a simple or fun message, and you might just inspire a wave of shares and some interaction on your accounts.

Send out gift ideas for last minute shoppers

Everyone understands that one of the hardest things during this time of the year is finding the right gifts for friends and family. Your clients are constantly thinking about gifts before Christmas, and some even after. It’s just a natural opportunity to drive some sales for your products, and help out your customers a little with ideas.

You really don’t need that much time to create a gift guide with your products or services. Write a catchy subject line for your email, and send out late shoppers a lifeline so they can continue shopping for gifts.

Shoot for those last holiday discounts

Another thing many customers are sensitive to before Christmas are prices. This is because so many physical stores and ecommerce stores have wonderful offers and generous discounts. In fact, many customers actually deliberately postpone their shopping till the weeks right before Christmas for this reason.

For this reason, last-minute discounts are extremely popular. You attract those customers that are looking for a bargain, and those shoppers that are worried about missing out on the best deals. When desperation is high for great gift ideas and special deals, it’s really your shot to point them in the right direction.

X days till christmas gifts for social media

Unlike more complex campaigns, the ones on social media require a little bit of brainstorming and just a click of a button to send your message out. To reach those customers that don’t open your emails (you know who they are), reach out to them on social media by featuring gift ideas for however many days are left till Christmas.

So you missed the whole ‘12 days till Christmas’ theme, be a rebel and make it a different number. It’s your countdown after all! Even if you start today, chances are, there will still be customers that will appreciate refreshing gift ideas in their feed.

Recap your success stories, blog posts or other industry news

It’s very common for brands to do some major overview towards the end of the year. This can come in many forms, from something as simple as the popular content from your blog, to more in-depth recaps of important events throughout the year.

The holiday season is a time to reflect, and something like this could be really interesting for your clients. Take them on a ride down memory lane with the help of visuals and great copy.

Get people excited for 2018 with a preview of future offers/products

As an extension of the previous tip, give people a little preview on what they can expect from your brand in the coming year. You don’t need to reveal all your cards, simply a little preview of the things that will get people excited and inclined to follow you to see your projects through.

If it has to come down to it, improvise. Whatever you decide to do this holiday season, focus on spreading some holiday joy and give people a break from all the blatant advertising. If you’re a fellow procrastinator with an impressive clean record of excellent last-minute Christmas ideas, share your stories in the comments section below.

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