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Mother’s Day Marketing Ideas by Crello Users + Bonus Discount Offer

by Eleonora Zolotarova
5 min

While for ones the Mother’s Day is just a wonderful reminder to pay tribute to moms, to others it’s also an excellent occasion to do qualitative and profitable marketing campaigns. Which is totally justified. According to NRF’s Annual 2019 Mother’s Day Spending Survey, just in the US, spendings on Mother’s Day will reach $25 billion! Our team decided to interview our users and find out what marketing campaigns they are conducting this year.

Joy, Marketing Director at Mberry

The name of our company is “Mberry”. We sell Miracle Fruit Tablets and Freeze-dried Miracle Fruit Berries. Our tablets and berries re 100% all natural with no added sugar or bioproducts.

Our products change the way sour + bitter foods taste. For example, if you take out products before eating a lemon, afterward the lemon will taste like sweet lemonade! No tricks. No weirdness. No side effects. Just 100% natural miracle berry powder and cornstarch (the tablets have to keep their shape somehow.)

Our miracle fruit berries are grown from the ground, not whipped up in a lab, so when you take a bite of hard cheese and swear you’re eating cheesecake, it’s what Mother Nature intended.  

For mother’s day we want to offer a “Buy 1, Get 1 50% Off” sale through our Facebook Store specifically.

Our goals are:

  1. To drive more traffic through our Facebook Store and focus more on the Facebook Store.
  2. To obtain more page “likes + followers” AND get people to buy from our Facebook page (but we are having trouble with this part.)
  3. Our new business page has only been up since Jan, we are generating likes + follows but not as fast as we would have liked. We have only done 2 sales through our Facebook Store as well while all our other platforms generate $1 million + per year.

Heidi Leitheiser, Marketing Director at New Horizon Church

We are a local church (in Fife, WA) that has a preschool and does a bunch of local community outreach events.

New Horizon Chuch, Fife WA

On Mother’s Day, we are doing a marketing campaign titled “We see you”. This is aimed at all women (not just mothers) because all women act as mothers to children on a day to day basis. We have a special video we are releasing for this event as well, that is super impactful. The video has various women holding up a sign explaining their situation.

Some examples are:

  • A stepmom who doesn’t feel loved
  • A single mom who is exhausted
  • A daycare worker who has no children but gives her all to children every day
  • A lady who miscarried & can’t seem to get pregnant but impacts other children’s lives every day
  • A mother of teens who feels like an outsider
  • A mom who adopted 2 little ones in one year

We go through all of these scenarios, and end with:




Our goal is to honor all women. Besides, on Mother’s Day, we will be complimenting all women with a flower and a present.

Maggie Shaffer, Marketing Coordinator at Optic Nerve Eyewear

The name of our company is Optic Nerve Eyewear and we make affordable sunglasses and goggles with the mission to get EVERYONE outside. We are an independent eyewear company based out of Wheat Ridge, Colorado and have been making high-quality eyewear for over 40 years. We are very proud of what we do!

Our Mother’s Day theme is “Roses for mom” and all our featured sunglasses are a rose gold color. We are trying to encourage families to get their moms the new sunglasses for spring so they can have super stylish UV protection and get outdoors. We will also be offering 25% off with a discount code featured in the social media ads/posts.

Originally we were trying to brainstorm a way to make a day outdoors something that also tied into the stereotypical mothers day gifts (chocolate, flowers, jewelry) and what better way to do so than with our pink, metallic sunglasses! Jewelry and “roses” all in one!

Plus, all of our lifestyle sunglasses are 100% polarized so you are also gifting something that is beneficial for your mom’s vision and health!

Our goal is to convert sales but also get a wider reach than we normally get from our current ad strategy. We would like to make graphics to use for our first ever Social Media specific ad campaign. We are slowly trying to be more “trendy” and are hoping that IG story and feed ads, as well as Facebook,  will help with that.

As a small company, we do not have a large marketing budget so we have to be creative with how we connect with our consumers and share our brand message. In the last 6 months, our social media has grown exponentially and we want to supplement that growth with ads and other opportunities to get our name even more out there!

Diogo Cavazotti, Social Media Manager at Vinícola Franco Italiano

Vinícola Franco Italiano is a winery in the city of Colombo, Brazil. In recent years it has grown and today is one of the most awarded in southern Brazil.  

I’ve been working with them for five years. In the beginning, the company did not believe in the strength of social networks. Today the disclosure of the winery is made 100% via social networks. Especially Facebook and Instagram.

Vinícola Franco Italiano, Colombo

Mother’s Day is the second most important date for trade in Brazil. It even earns for Children’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Easter and others. For the restaurant that belongs to the winery, Mother’s Day is the main date of the year. On this day they prepare to receive twice as many people. And since the region has a lot of restaurant competition, I plan to start a strong campaign with paid posts on Facebook and Instagram, as well as posts on Google.

In social networks, the campaign involves special event with menu, the special cover art of Facebook, various posts with suggestions to make an advance booking, email and message to old customers.

Astrid Tempelmayr, Owner of The Shoe-Tattoo

Shoe-tattoos is the patented must-have of the year with a special coating for the embellishment of the shoe soles of your high heels and pumps. Custom designs are simply placed on the soles of the pumps or high heels. Whether animal print, floral motifs or designs based on artworks, shoe-tattoo offers motifs for every occasion. Also as a personalized version with your own creation or the company logo, in everyday life, for the party or up to the wedding is something for every taste!

Our Mother’s Day campaign is simple but yet effective: the offer for mother’s day is -10 % on gift cards (get a 10 Euro voucher for the price of 9,-).  Also, no shipping cost from € 40.

Our goal is to let all mothers select her favorite shoe-tattoo.

Jessica Guerrero, Digital Marketing Consultant at Jg Digital

JG Digital is a company that provides Social Media, SEO, SEM, and personal branding services.

Our Mother’s Day campaign includes awareness about how businesses can use digital marketing to improve their sales and branding.

  1. Creating a Social Media Campaign using a #Hashtag.
  2. Visual Content like Emotional Shareable Quotes.
  3. Creating a blog post like: “Best Mother’s Day marketing campaigns we have ever seen”

I also have a package promotion for Mom’s Day on my personal branding service, would be a 30% off the regular price for a session. I want to tell this by posting on Facebook and my web as a banner.

This idea came up because in the last three months the interest in personal branding has been growing and especially among women, so I thought it would be a great offer and an opportunity to share this kind of services that are practically new in my region.

To promote the campaign I will use Facebook and IG Ads, and organic content as well.

My advice would be the first to analyze your audience and target, then create great content for them, use tools and paid media to launch and reach and then back to analyze results.

My goals are to keep developing brand awareness, traffic and also grab a few conversions on this special date.

Jen Chichester, Founder of Treasured Tomes Author Services and Photography

My company’s name is Treasured Tomes Author Services & Photography. I provide extensive services for authors, including editing, social media graphics, and photography sessions for author headshots, book covers, and other promotional materials.

For this year’s Mother’s Day, I want to offer a 50% discount to all authors who can respond to a social media post in which they tell me about “What has your mother – or what has being a mother – done to inspire/support you as an author and as a person?”.

My goal is to attract new clients. I would like to get at least six new authors to book my services.

Summing Up

  1. Facebook ad is still the #1 channel on any marketing promotions
  2. You mustn’t skip Mother’s Day if a significant part of your target audience is from Brazil
  3. Crello team appreciates so much the fact that our users are located all around the world and belong to such a wide range of business fields
  4. Mother is the most crucial person in our lives. Don’t forget to congratulate mom on this day and say how much she means to you.

And now, a surprise from Crello team

Of course, we could not skip such a beautiful holiday. Use “MOTHERSDAY30” promo code to get 30% OFF at ANY subscription: Advanced or PRO, annual or monthly. The offer is available until 12 May 11:59 PM UTC.

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