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Crello Launches Android Application

by Crello Team

We’re happy to announce that Crello Android app is finally here! Create designs in Crello wherever you are.

Crello Android App

Create awesome posts, animations, and videos for Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Tumblr, and other platforms, using our 25,000+ templates. With this selection, you will definitely find what you’re looking for.

Moreover, we made sure that creating designs right on your phone is easy as ABC. Download our Android app and enjoy it! If you have an iOS device, download Crello from App Store.

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What’s so awesome about the Crello app?

Crello for Android allows anyone to create designs in just a few clicks. Creating a picture or animation has never been easier.

  • It’s absolutely free
  • Create designs on the go
  • Share designs right from the app
  • 20 formats
  • 25,000+ templates
  • 10,000+ design elements

And much more! Download Crello app and explore all the wonderful features we prepared for you.

How to create a design in Crello for Android?

Creating a design in the Crello app is super-easy! Just follow these steps:

  • Open the app on your phone.
  • Browse available templates in the Inspiration section or search by keyword. You can also browse Categories to find ready-made design templates on various themes, from Fashion to Nature, Sports and Extreme to Education and Science.
  • To customize a design, select the template you like and tap on it.
  • Edit the template according to your needs – edit text, move objects, change the background, colors, etc.
  • Download design or share it from the Crello app!


Is Android app different from iOS?

Yes. As long as Android app is fresh from the oven, we are still working on adding more features. However, you are able to create images and videos already. Try and see for yourself!

Do I need to pay for templates marked with a diamond?

For now, you can enjoy all the templates in both iOS and Android mobile apps absolutely free of charge!

Can I edit designs from the Android app in Crello for desktop?

Now, the designs created in the app can be accessed and edited only in the app. However, it may change soon because we are working on adding new features to our product every day.

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More soon

Keep up with the news! We are planning to add more features to both iOS and Android apps. For now, enjoy Crello on your mobile and create awesome images wherever and whenever you want 😉

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