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New Awesome Format: Logotype

by Victoria Skiba

We’re not tired of adding more and more useful features, templates, and formats to Crello! Meet our new format – Logotype and check out hundreds of new templates.

Logo Design
Create a bold, beautiful, and recognizable logo for your business in Crello. With a variety of over 300 logo templates, you will definitely find the one that fits your industry and business concept.

What’s cool about Crello logo format?

Our logos are super-customizable! You can pick a template created by our designers or change literally every element in it to fit your needs.

  • Pick a template that fits your business industry and customize it however you want.
  • Pick other objects from our media library if you want to customize or enrich the template.
  • Upload your own illustrations to the media library and create a personalized logo.
  • Easily change the colors, size, and rotation angle of the logo’s objects and fonts.
  • Make background transparent and then download the file as a PNG Transparent so that it flawlessly adjusts to any layout such as the company’s website, product, software, emails, and other.


Can I use a logo template without any edits?

Yes! All our templates are created by professional designers taking into account the latest trends. If you like the way template looks, use it as it is but don’t forget to rename it to your company’s name!

Can I officially register a logo created in Crello?

You can create a logo in Crello and use it for your personal purposes, however, if your logo contains any elements or content available in Crello under the Files definition, such logo cannot be officially registered or trademarked as per the Crello License Agreement.

Don’t you think that many businesses will have identical logos if they use Crello templates?

Our templates can be easily customized! You can change the objects, fonts, colors, and more to make your logo different! Also, try to upload your own pictures or illustrations if you want it to be unique.

We’re preparing more delicious updates for you soon! Stay tuned 😉

Awesome logo templates in Crello

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e466f625 2b33 4210 a484 1013b0ed1dca 1024
e5c27265 de0d 4a5f 8f77 0c681f37abc4 1024
1d13e663 69df 42f6 9015 d26c6d1caa26 1024
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