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Meet Awesome Photo & Video Text Features

by Crello Team

Create stunning social media posts and ads with our photo text and video text masks!

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Photo and video masks always look stylish, so we decided not to stop on simple geometric shapes and made it possible to make masks from the text! Moreover, you can change the fonts, and upload your own ones to use in designs as masks.

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Photo text mask

Photo text looks wonderfully in any format! Whether it’s a social media post, ad banner, or simply an image for a blogpost, this awesome feature perfectly fits your need.

To create a design with a photo text mask:

  • Choose a post format
  • Go to the “Texts” tab and click “Photo text”
  • Scale the text field and edit the text
  • Change the font if you want
  • Go to the “Photos” or “Backgrounds” tab and drag and drop the image you like onto the text
  • Finish editing the whole design if you want to add something else
  • Download or share on social media right from the Crello interface!

Note that a photo text feature is applicable to static design formats only! For adding video text to designs, you should choose one of several available video formats.

Apart from photo text masks, you can also create simple photo masks. It’s very easy:

  • Pick a format and template you like
  • Go to “Objects”, “Masks” and pick the mask you want to add to your design
  • Then go to “Photos”, find the photo you need, and add it to your mask
  • Download or share on social media right from the Crello interface!

Video text mask

Now, you don’t need to be a skilled designer in order to create professional-looking animations and videos. With Crello, you can easily create animated posts, Stories, and ads. For example, our new video text feature allows you to make a stunning social media post in seconds!

To create a design with a video text mask, follow these easy steps:

  • Choose any video format you want, for example, Square Video Post
  • Go to the “Texts” tab and click “Add video text”
  • Click “Edit Text” on the upper tools panel and then type in your text in the text box, then scale the textbox as you wish
  • Click “Video text” and drag and drop a video clip from the “Video” tab on the text box, click “Play” to preview the result
  • Download your ready design and that’s it!

wow end

Create a simple video mask if you don’t want to make a text mask:

  • Pick a template and delete the elements you don’t like.
  • Go to “Objects”, “Masks”, and pick the one you like, then add it to your design.
  • After that go to “Media”, “Video”, and find the needed one in categories or through the manual search.
  • Pick a video, add it to your mask, and take a look at your video text.

Wrapping up

We improve Crello and regularly add new features so that you have more and more designing possibilities. Stay tuned for more updates and inspiration like this one. Keep calm and use Crello because it’s never been so easy to make beautiful designs 😉

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