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Social Media Image Sizes Guide 2017

by Eugine Dychko

Unless you have an extra pair of hands and hardcore multitasking abilities, managing every social media account is difficult. You should keep a high level of creativity while posting, maintaining brand style guidelines in each post, and remember to consider each platform’s size requirements and formats.

We have recently posted a detailed guide for creating the perfect Facebook Cover to help you quickly change and adapt cover images for your Facebook group, page or profile. Today, let’s zoom out and talk about basic essentials for all social media managers – social platform image sizes.

There are too many platforms and image formats to remember, and they often change. To make the management of social media images easier for you, we created a simple and universal guide with the latest image sizes for all major social networks. It includes the sizes of cover images, posts, profile pictures and ad banners.

Remember that you can create most of these images in Crello in 3 minutes, using templates and adapting them to your needs.


Here are more detailed dimensions, rules and tips for each social platform image format:

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Facebook Image Sizes


Facebook cover    


JPG or PNG file that weighs less than 100 kilobytes.

Cover displays at 820×312 pixels on web and just 640×360 pixels on smartphones.


Facebook event cover  


JPG or PNG file that weighs less than 100 kilobytes. Try to stick to versatile images.  


Facebook post  


Will appear in the feed at a maximum width of 470 px and on page at a maximum width of 504 px.


Facebook ad  


Stick to bright colors, clean images and minimum text.


Facebook profile picture  


To ensure high quality, ignore the small Facebook profile picture size listed and upload high resolution square image 500×500 px.

The profile picture will be shown on your profile page, next to the comments you left, as well as in search results. Since it is a representation of your brand/company, it’s best to use a minimalist logo or your company name as a profile pic.

Twitter Image Sizes


Twitter cover


Maximum size is 10MB; GIF, JPG or PNG file.

Twitter header size is not the only thing you should consider though. Remember that the profile picture overlaps the cover image on the left a little bit.


Twitter post


It’s best to use horizontal images with an aspect ratio of 2:1.


Twitter ad



Twitter profile picture


Maximum file size is 100KB; GIF, JPG or PNG file.


Youtube image sizes


Youtube cover


Displays 1546×423 px on mobile and 1855×423 px on tablet. It’s best to place all important information and objects in the center of the image, as the sides can be cut off on different platforms.


YouTube profile picture



Youtube video


Video must have a 16:9 aspect ratio. Maximum size is 128GB.

Tumblr image sizes


Tumblr cover


The position of the profile picture depends on the theme. Consider this when creating cover images, so that critical info won’t be overlapped by the profile picture.


Tumblr post


Maximum image size is 1280×1920; maximum size is 10MB.


Tumblr profile picture



Will be displayed as a thumbnail of 64×64 px in your followers’ feed.

Google + image sizes


Google+ cover image


Maximum size is 2120×1192 px

The cover image is reduced almost in half vertically when a user opens the page. It’s therefore important to place the text and the main object in the center of the image to make them both visible.


Google+ post



Google+ profile picture


Recommended formats are JPG, GIF and PNG. The picture will be cut to fit a circle, which is very important to remember when you’re choosing an image.

Linkedin image sizes


Linkedin cover image


Maximum size is 2MB.


Linkedin post image



Linkedin profile picture


Maximum size is 4MB, JPG, GIF or PNG only.

It’s better to use a high-quality picture of your company’s logo.


Pinterest image sizes


Pinterest post


Minimum width is 600px. The height may vary, but it’s best to keep it under 1:3.5 aspect ratio.


Pinterest profile picture


Displays 32×32 px in the feed. Maximum size is 10MB, it’s best to upload 500×500 image.

Instagram image sizes


Instagram post/ad image


Displays as 510×510 px.

Vertical images are also an option, use 1080×1350 px.


Instagram profile picture


Upload a square photo, it will be cut to fit a circle.

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