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A Startup’s Challenge With Branding, Visual Assets and Free Tools

by Sandra Iakovleva

startup’s challange with visual assets, freet tools and branding 2

Startups stumble on challenges on a daily basis. One of the major components to a successful business is visual branding and finding the right tools to help with day to day tasks and projects. We had a chat with 3 entrepreneurs about their challenges with branding, visual assets and tools they use to help them with tasks.

Do you do marketing and PR activity in-house? Do you have an in-house designer who does marketing materials as well?

Marek Antoniuk from Riftcat

“Yes, we are doing all our marketing in-house. We have an in-house graphic designer that does the marketing materials and all graphical assets related tasks.”


Katja Lipicnik from Gotoky

“Yes, we do everything in-house, from PR, marketing strategy, brand awareness and design, sometimes also video production.”


Andrea Avancini from 2aspire

“We’re very young as a company, so far we did everything in-house.”

RiftCat 1024×456

RiftCat is a startup based in Poland that had an idea to make VR content accessible for everyone. Their experience quickly led them to the development of VRidge, a software that allows you to play Oculus Rift and HTC Vive games with Google Cardboard headsets.

What are the biggest challenges for your business when it comes to the visual part of marketing activity?

Marek Antoniuk from Riftcat

“Keeping everything on the same level of quality and style when it comes to all parts of our software.”


Katja Lipicnik from Gotoky

“Good, price effective presentational materials/animations of the product.”


Andrea Avancini from 2aspire

“We are technicians and we would like to sell security. Visual part is quite important but way difficult to be expressed in the proper way. Creativity is probably the biggest challenge.”


Do you try to develop and maintain a brand style with your visual assets? How do you do that?

Marek Antoniuk from Riftcat

“We have a Brand Book which is constantly developed by our designer and she follows its guidelines.”


Katja Lipicnik from Gotoky

“Yes, we stick with brand appearance. All the materials are controlled and guided with Brand Identity and Manual of Gotoky.”


Andrea Avancini from 2aspire

“We try but we did not succeed so far.”


gotoky logo 2018

Gotoky is an off-grid communication device allowing Smartphone users call, text, share location and navigate to other Gotoky users. It’s a great device that can be used in case of emergencies, with a reach of up to 20 km when there is absolutely no mobile network coverage.


What free tools/services do you lack which would significantly make your marketing activity easier and more efficient?

Marek Antoniuk from Riftcat

“Nothing comes to my mind.”


Katja Lipicnik from Gotoky

“Measurement of marketing ROI.”


Andrea Avancini from 2aspire

“I think it’s not a matter of tools that are missing, but mostly missing background in marketing and visual activities.”


What type of visual creatives (post image, banner, email, blog graphics etc.) do you use on a regular basis?

Marek Antoniuk from Riftcat

“Twitter, Facebook post images. Newsletter graphics, and some blog graphical assets.”


Katja Lipicnik from Gotoky

“Mostly post images.”


Andrea Avancini from 2aspire

“Banners, emails, posters.”

2aspire logo 2018

2aspire is cybersecurity startup based in Italy. As smartphone apps are more prone to piracy, this startup focuses on bringing a security solution for a more secure world.


Do you have a piece of advice to those who want to start their business and have a limited budget for marketing and design?

Marek Antoniuk from Riftcat

“There is a lot that can be done in terms of marketing without money. Sending cold emails to journalists, being active on forums, social media and other outlets that groups your audience is always a good way to bring your first customers. The only cost there is time.”


Katja Lipicnik from Gotoky

“Define and invest into brand identity. It is not cheap from the start but is it worth every penny in the long run.”


Andrea Avancini from 2aspire

“Ask one of your friends who studied marketing or arts to prepare some guidelines for you. If you do not have one, try to learn as much as you can in a structured way before starting any of your activities.”

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