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Successful Mother’s Day Marketing. Getting Inspired By 6 Impactful Big Brands Campaigns

by Eleonora Zolotarova

What does a typical Mother’s Day campaign look like? Pink shades, gentle slogans, carefully retouched pictures. This is quite logical, because who, like mom, causes us so much trembling and awe.

mother’s day

Nevertheless, some brands use this holiday in order to bring up important social themes, or reveal family themes in an ironic way, or just simply make cheerful nonsense. Let’s see the most unusual Mother’s Day marketing campaigns big brands launched over the last years.

Carhartt: #AllHailMom

“We made this film because when you work at Carhartt you’re constantly inspired by strong women on a daily basis ― from the women who work in our own factories in Kentucky and Tennessee to the women who wear our jackets and bibs on the farms, ranches and high rises of America,” the YouTube description says.

The story is on behalf of a little girl who compares her mother with Rosie the Riveter, a symbol of the Second World War. She can build and fix anything, just like any strong mom on the planet.

Rosie the Riveter

Seems like a great celebration of women’s strength and besides, a totally suitable message from a company that is known for its durable, windproof, weighted work clothes.

KFC: Chickendales Mother’s Day Performance

Talking about the suitability, just yesterday KFC released their new Mother’s Day campaign and it’s amazing. What do you think the advertising of the famous fast food on Mother’s Day includes? A happy family sitting at a table with a checkered tablecloth, eating chicken legs and smiling happily? No-no.

Introducing: KFC’s Chickendales

Hot strippers dancing and praising moms should be the last thing what we might have expected and yeah, now we’re here for it. In just 19 hours the video on YouTube got 32.000 views and 55 controversial comments from “it’s awesome” to “it’s so inappropriate”, but let’s face the truth:

youtube comment

Oh yes, the campaign is not just about the video, but there’s a link to a site where you can customize this video for your mom (not as good as Crello Mother’s Day templates but still ;). By the way, my mom enjoyed the video a lot.

KFC: Tender Wings of Desire

It’s impossible to limit myself with just one mention of KFC’s campaigns as these guys are truly amazing in what they do. In 2017 KFC released a video with the caricature-sexy man reading the lines from the romantic novel “Tender Wings of Desire”.

If you think that the campaign was just about the video you are wrong. KFC really released the 96-page “Tender Wings of Desire” novel by Colonel Sanders and it was free to download on Amazon. Another example of remarkable step-by-step marketing.

Alex and Ani’s: “Symbolize Your Love”

Alex and Ani’s, American retailer and jewelry manufacturer, slightly reminds us that motherhood is challenging and a bit unglamorous.

A lovely and clear picture + healthy realism = a memorable emotional ad.

Babyshop: #TheGiftOfMom

Babyshop raises a very complex, but insanely important topic: breast cancer. This video starts with a little boy thanking his mom for everything he has. Touching words filled with tenderness seem to be the average Mother’s Day motto, but then an unexpected fly in the ointment falls right on our head.

“I wish I still have you.”

1 of 8 women are diagnosed with breast cancer, but early detection helps to survive in 90% cases. Celebrate Mother’s Day by doing screening, states the campaign. And moreover, the retailer made partnerships with various medical centers to offer complimentary screening to all women.

“There’s no Mother’s Day without a Mother.” Shrill and very clear message. Thank you, Babyshop.

P&G ‘Thank You, Mom’ Campaign Ad: “Strong”

Another keen message comes from the Procter & Gamble. In 2016, 100 days before the Olympic Games in Rio and 2 weeks before Mother’s Day, P&G revealed its ‘Thank You, Mom’ series with the new video called ‘Strong’. It tells us the story of 4 moms behind the great athletes.

Actually, the message is so strong and the picture is so real that made me almost cry. Following the Youtube comments, I wasn’t the only one.

“It takes someone strong to make someone strong.” And this is so true.

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