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This Year, We All Deserve an Oscar Just for Making It Through

by Ksusha Tunikova

Let’s have some fun while the world is busy discussing Oscars nominees.

Take part in our Oscars challenge and get a chance to win one of Crello Pro licenses (and a secret prize from our team). All it takes is to create a movie poster of your life in 2020, share it with a hashtag #crelloscars on Instagram, and tag us there @crellogram. 

It’s been hell of a year, right? The world changed, the new reality kicked in, and sometimes it felt like we woke up in an episode of Black Mirror or something. And some days the only hope was to realize that it’s all been just a nightmare or someone’s very bad joke and all of a sudden a cameraman will show up saying “And…Cutt! Good job everyone.”

In light of this, we decided that this year we all should be nominated for an Oscar. And this means we all need a name and a poster for a movie we’ve been starring in. So here’s what we thought:

While the Academy is busy giving away Oscars for the best movie, soundtrack, and so on…why don’t we have some fun and design movie posters of our life in 2020?

Here’s what to do:

  1. Go to Crello Editor and select a movie poster template you like the most.
  2. Turn it into a movie poster of your life. If your life in 2020 were a movie, what would this movie be called? What genre would it be? What would be on a poster? Who would be starring there apart from you? What would you win Oscars for?

If you wish to add some Oscar shine to it, go to Objects and find what you need in a special collection by our team:

Oscars design objects in Crello

  1. Download your piece of art and share it on your Instagram account with a hashtag #crelloscars and tag @crellogram.
  2. Authors of the best designs will receive licenses for a year of Crello Pro and a special secret prize from the Crello team.

By the way, we couldn’t help but create a few posters of our own. Hurry up to join the challenge!

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