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Top 7 WordPress Plugins for Visual Bloggers

by Mary Ivanova

Top 7 WordPress Plugins for Visual Bloggers

The benefit of using WordPress, one of the world’s largest website building platforms, is the option to pick and choose between hundreds of plugins to customize your website interface for any conceivable purpose. If you are running a highly visual website, we bet you could get good use out of the plugins we handpicked for that specific purpose.

Smush Image Compression and Optimization

WordPress Plugins for Bloggers   Smush Compression

Resize, optimize, and compress all of your images using this handy plugin to give your visitors the joy of smooth, fast-loading pages without the need to cut down the amount of photos and images featured on your site.

Create in Crello

WordPress Plugins for Bloggers   Crello

Crello is an image editing and design tool that has recently released a WordPress image-editing plugin. With this tool, you won’t need to leave the content manager interface in order to add stickers, borders, frames or text to your images and photos. You also have direct access to 12,000+ free professionally designed templates.

BJ Lazy Load

WordPress Plugins for Bloggers   BJ Lazy Load

Here’s another tool to decrease page loading time that will help your visitors save both time and bandwidth. It replaces all images with placeholders until the moment the image is about to appear in the user’s browser window. This way, your audience won’t have to wait for all images on the page to load before they can start enjoying the content.

Photo Gallery by 10web – Responsive Photo Gallery

WordPress Plugins for Bloggers   Photo Gallery

This plugin allows you to insert responsive galleries and albums to your website that are easy to navigate and provide a great way to easily feature high-res images without hindering user experience.

Easy FancyBox

WordPress Plugins for Bloggers   Easy FancyBox

Any visual website is all about the aesthetics and this helpful plugin delivers exactly that – it allows you to add a sleek light box that floats over the webpage for just about all media links on your website.

Instagram Feed

WordPress Plugins for Bloggers   Instagram Feed

This plugin does exactly what it says – inserts one or multiple Instagram feeds on any page (or pages) of your website. The tool offers an interface that has a follow button, infinite scroll and works with any screen – mobile or desktop. Choose displayed image size options to fit the plugin to your website needs.

Regenerate Thumbnails

WordPress Plugins for Bloggers   Regenerate Thumbnails

Ever get an unsightly thumbnail that just won’t go away? Regenerate Thumbnails got you – the plugin purges any unwanted thumb images and allows you to create new ones (of desired size and dimensions) in an instant.

Still looking? WordPress features its most popular plugins here.

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