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Top Visual Trends of 2020 by Depositphotos

by Victoria Skiba

Designers and anyone working in a creative field always have to keep an eye out for the most influential trends that may impact their work. The Depositphotos team asked creative agencies around the world to share their predictions for the 2020th prominent visual trends report.

Visual Trends 2020

Grab a cup of something and enjoy the captivating guide with 10 carefully selected trends that will inevitably catch up with you even if you don’t intentionally seek them out.

Read this brief guide to four of the first trends for a quick reference. The rest of the insights for the 2020 visual trends report is here.

The World of Tomorrow

XR is crawling into our lives. Expect this year to bring even more innovative approaches in the fields of automation, robotics, connected world, 5G, AI, cybersport, Internet of Things, artificial neural networks, and cloud health. This trend centers around stock photography in particular, which will have to keep up with all the rapid developments with technology to deliver content that clients are already looking for.

Get ready to immerse in virtual environments at home, with retail, the arts, and the entertainment industry.

Neon Dystopia

Black Mirror, Blade Runner, Stranger Things, and other super popular cult films and popular shows shaped a new version of the emerging trend – cyberpunk. Of course, the release of Cyberpunk 2077  is a major influence predicted to conquer the hearts of millions even before the official release.

The Neon Dystopia trend with cyberpunk roots will likely influence fashion and pave the road to futuristic undertones in other fields of art and design.

Limit AI Tion

Robots replacing humanity sounded like a conspiracy theory from science fiction just a couple of years ago. These days, it’s not an unheard-of or unusual topic anymore. AI progress moves so fast that Elon Musk had concerns a few years ago. The question is, how will this complex topic be illustrated, and will it influence some (if not all) of the creative fields and professions?

AI has advanced at lightspeed and is surpassing humans in learning capabilities. It also is changing shopping and learning experiences and influencing business and consumer activity around the world.

Bring Down the Bauhaus

The story of Bauhaus may go back a whole century, but the influence stays strong in 2020. The philosophy of this approach is engraved in fashion, architecture, interior design, and digital art. We see the influence of Bauhaus in many artworks and designs, even if we don’t notice it. Artists and designers around the world continue to draw inspiration and modify designs in light of the legacy of Bauhaus.

Bauhaus stretches beyond an aesthetic we’re all familiar with, to a school of ideas that can serve as inspiration and challenge the status quo in 2020.

Final Word

As you may have noticed, there’s something futuristic about each of these trends. Technology influences design and we can already feel the impact. Nobody knows what exactly to expect in 2020 but we do know that this year is going to be full of breakthroughs. We’ll see where it brings us, and meanwhile, let’s create trendy designs that are in line with the times.

All information and quotes are taken from the visual trends report by Depositphotos. We are just inspired by the research and couldn’t let you miss this dose of inspiration.

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