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What Is Hot About Pinterest Right Now & Why

by Patrick Foster

What Is Hot About Pinterest Right Now and Why

As summer rolls relentlessly on and the weather heats up, it’s time to take stock of what’s hot in the world of social commerce.

Pinterest has long been one of the hottest social media tickets around, and there are plenty of things keeping its marketing stock high. From its innovative approach to data, to deep AI and video integration, Pinterest is treading a fine line between its users and advertisers.

Below we’ve looked at just a few of the reasons why Pinterest is hot right now, and what that means for your business.

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Real data on real people

Data is near molten right now: in the US, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg has been dragged before Congress, in the UK people are questioning whether data manipulation changed the course of their 2016 referendum, and in the EU people are getting used to the aftermath of the GDPR.

In this climate it’s essential that your business gets data right. If you don’t you might lose customers, lose face, or even lose your livelihood.

This has brought Pinterest crashing back into public public consciousness, aided in no small part by the company’s head of market development, Vikram Bhaskaran. Bhaskaran has spoken in 2018 about the value derived from the data Pinterest has on its users, explaining: “This data is not abstract. It’s real data on people’s lives. This is the database on identity and intent. Amazon might know about intent, but they don’t know who you are.” [emphasis added]

Pinterest users are voluntarily giving up their data to the social media platform. Pinterest tackled the tricky topic of releasing this data in a way that makes it clear how its users’ data will be used. For example, Pinterest’s Privacy Policy explains how data is reported to the company’s advertising partners:

What Is Hot About Pinterest Right Now and Why

Credit: Pinterest

Pinterest also allows users to opt out of sharing their offsite data:

What Is Hot About Pinterest Right Now and Why

Credit: Pinterest

The hot news is that the data Pinterest users do volunteer will give you a deep insight into what makes them tick. And once you know what makes them tick, you can leverage this data in your marketing campaigns to great effect.

And don’t just go skin deep with metrics like demographics, browsers, or purchase behaviors. Look at deep data like values, themes, and micro-social networks to get a feel for how your customers are making sense of the world.

What Is Hot About Pinterest Right Now and Why

Credit: Pinterest

Pinterest is a great place for content crossover and niche pollination, so keep your community hat on while you splice and dice your Pinterest data. Pinterest data is key to unearthing new and exciting campaign angles and potential partnerships.

You ad me at video

Pinterest’s video ads are on the rise. Made specifically to target mobile users, Pinterest hasn’t yet matched Snapchat and Instagram by going fullscreen video. However, Pinterest will be releasing a new ad product that will be full width on smartphones. (The ads will only play sound if the user clicks on it).

Video is hot for Pinterest, and that means it should be hot for you. If your brand can make the most of this new advertising channel, you’ll immediately be ahead of the pack.

The insistence on mobile video is an interesting one, and one that shows Pinterest is designing an ad platform that mirrors and mimics user preferences. Rather than push intrusive ads on people, Pinterest is bringing ads to people in a way that feels natural to them.

For more information on how your business can get the most out of advertising with Pinterest, watch the brilliant tutorial video below:

Sales integration on Pinterest

The other way that Pinterest is innovating is the way in which it’s helping users discover new products and brands through image AI technology. Simply scan a product with Pinterest Lens, and you will be given a range of purchase options from the Pinterest ecosystem. Pinterest is a great channel for anyone selling visual items like clothes and accessories, and it allows for deep content and product integration through stylized lifestyle shots and themed boards.

For businesses embracing social selling, broaden your sales channel even further through Pinterest’s Buyable Pins. These let your customers buy your products directly from Pinterest, via both the mobile app and desktop web browsing. All you need to do is add Pinterest as a sales channel, ensure that your products meet Pinterest’s Buyable Pins guidelines, and then connect your online store to your Pinterest account.

Shopify store owners benefit from a direct integration, whereas WordPress users will need to rely on a plugin. See here for popular Pinterest & WordPress plugins for other ways you can connect your website to Pinterest. Remember, the more integrated your digital ecosystem, the better from a data and integrity viewpoint.

ROI champion

It’s long been accepted that Pinterest is a little bit special when it comes to helping to drive up revenue for business. As a visual search engine, you might think that it’s a place for people to come and find pretty pictures and not a lot else. You’d be wrong.

Pinterest is actually the BEST social network for driving traffic. So much so that marketers are asking if it will be the hottest social media platform for ROI in 2018. There are good reasons for thinking that it will be:

Pinterest users are more likely to buy from your business than other users – they are spending 29% more than your users who aren’t using Pinterest. 98% of people said that they tried new things that they found while using Pinterest: that’s compared with a social media average (covering all platforms) of 71% of people who have looked at new products via social media.

If you want to find out how you can use Pinterest to drive traffic to your business and increase the revenue for your company, check out the excellent video below:

What Is Hot About Pinterest Right Now and Why

Credit: Pinterest

Final thoughts

People have been falling over themselves in recent years to predict the death of Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. However, while Pinterest might not get the attention of some of its more gauche social media buddies, it enjoys something that many of them could only dream of: a user base who actually buy things.

So, don’t stand out in the shade – make sure you’re making the most of Pinterest and give your business the best chance of letting your competitors wilt in the sun.

What Is Hot About Pinterest Right Now and Why

Credit: Pinterest

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