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Worldwide Holidays for Foodies: Infographic Calendar

by Crello Team
Worldwide Holidays for Foodies

Holy donuts and chocolate pudding, did you know that today is Pizza Party Day?! Isn’t the situation just too familiar – you find out there’s a fun niche food holiday happening today from a cool and creative post by your competitors?

Food holidays can be a great marketing opportunity, from hosting a themed brunch to preparing themed content on your blog. Yet all the niche food holidays seem to creep up on us marketers like a villain in a cheap horror movie – totally expected but still catching us unawares.

To help you win the game of food holiday marketing, we’ve created an interactive calendar with holidays and links to Crello templates for them. Whether your audience like their food sweet or salty, sour or savory, we’ve got holidays (and templates) for them all!

Make creative Instagram Story content, Facebook posts, Twitter updates and more – just pick a template, create a design, resize if needed, and celebrate!

Wish your followers a happy Grilled Cheese Day with an Instagram post or host a donut sale on the National Donut Day with a little help from themed Crello templates:

winter foodie holiday calendar

Download our full interactive calendar with clickable links to templates embedded here.

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