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Your Ultimate Customer Attribution Tool List: 79 Services You Can Use

by Mary Ivanova

Your Ultimate Customer Attribution Tool List: Pick and Choose

Customer attribution buffet – 79 tools, brief descriptions and links to help you make an informed decision about your next customer attribution software

Are you measuring marketing value of each piece of your content both online and offline? How much is a view of your free tutorial or a like on your funny Instagram post really worth? What is its role in securing a conversion and is it worth the money? To help you optimize your marketing creative efforts and budget, you are sure to be using a customer attribution tool or two.

If you are not yet using an attribution tool, it’s high time to pick one. And if you are – check out our list anyway, maybe you’ll find something new or more advanced!

We’ve compiled a list of major customer attribution tools that offer analysis options to effectively distribute credit for sales for service- and product-based companies, for web, brick-and-mortar and app retailers. Tools that leverage multi-touch models with preset or machine learning powered attribution algorithms.

Every company has a unique set of characteristics and processes, so pick and choose the tool that’s right for your business and ensure your data works for you. Browse our extensive list of 79 tools and let us know which one you end up using!

1. Absolutdata

Absolutdata offers Omnichannel Attribution Modeling to help attribute credit to relevant channels and allocate budget to support trending results.

2. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign’s Marketing Automation tools include Attribution to help trace each customer’s path “from the first time they touch your site to the moment they convert.”

3. ActionIQ

ActionIQ provides dynamic customer attributes with a standalone attribute layer that’s separate from raw customer data.

4. AdClear

AdClear’s toolset includes a Superior Attributor that uses a “dynamic and statistically meaningful attribution algorithm.”

5. Adcurve

AdCurve uses their own Contribution Algorithm to analyze all touchpoints throughout a user’s journey and attribute customer orders to the channel most valuable in securing it.

6. Adinton

Adinton offers cross-channel, cross-device, and cross-domain attribution.

adinton attribution

7. Adjust

Looking for mobile app attribution? Adjust “gives you power to attribute conversions from any source – all without bogging down or interfering with your app’s performance.”

8. Admetrics

Admetrics offers a cookieless, privacy-minded device ID that can help track sales events.

9. Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics uses machine learning and advanced statistical models to attribute conversions and offers several attribution models to choose from as well as option to make custom models.

10. Adtriba

With Adtriba you can get customer journey insights – the tool aggregates all cross-channel data and uses data-driven attribution model.

11. AlightAnalytics

“No more gut instincts” – AlightAnalytics offers marketing analysts and data scientists’ expertise to help attribute results to spending.

12. Allocadia

Allocadia uses an attribution engine that reveals your ROI winners and losers, showing you exactly what’s working.

13. Analytic Partners

Analytic Partners offer a Multi-Touch Attribution solution. It integrates Marketing Mix Models with Digital Attribution insights.

14. AppsFlyer

Attribution model by AppsFlyer helps track customer journey when installing an app.

15. Apsalar

Apsalar App Marketing Attribution measures performance across all channels, eliminates install double counting and tracks in-app events.

16. AttributeApp

AttributeApp offers customizable multi-touch marketing and lead attribution reporting.

17. AttributionApp

Use AttributionApp to track high-converting activities and halt poor performing campaigns.

18. AvantMetrics

The tool offers intelligent, rule-based shared attribution functionality.

19. Barometric

Barometric collects mobile IDs across all environment to match multiple IDs to a single user.

20. Bizible

Bizible performs multi-touch revenue attribution based on behavioral and ad data.

bizible attribution

21. Branch

Branch provides a People-Based Attribution model with cross-channel visibility to avoid double counting.

22. C3 Metrics

C3 Metrics’ Attribution Data Cloud has universal identifier, unifies consumer journey data across channels, and allows algorithmic attribution credit distribution using machine learning.

23. Cake

Journey by CAKE offers actionable insights through marketing attribution dashboard and positional multi-touch attribution.

24. CaliberMind

Revenue Analytics and Attribution solution by CaliberMind provides access to real-time campaign and funnel performance.

25. Contentsquare

Use Contentsquare to attribute engagement metrics and revenue to plan content and UX investments.

26. ConversionLogic

Multi-touch attribution tool within ConversionLogic uses machine learning algorithms to connect media and actions to recreate customer journeys driving both on- and offline conversions.

27. Datorama

Datorama Analytics Center provides advanced analytics for statistical modeling, predictive analytics, audience segmentation and attribution.

28. DemandJump

DemandJump offers prescriptive attribution, including non-revenue based conversions. The tool also offers the option to compare different attribution models side-by-side.

29. DMA Institute

DMA Institute helps figure out which in-view ads contributed to conversions and what digital media are the best combination for publishers to implement.

30. Engagio

Engagio’s Dash Account Based Attribution is an app that uses multi-touch attribution and journey analytics to help evaluate revenue performance.

31. Flashtalking

Flashtalking employes FTrack technology and attribution solutions to manage customer engagement in a multiscreen cookieless reality.

32. Fospha

Fospha combines multi-touch attribution with extensive list of other datasets into a single interface that shows how clients are interacting with the brand and which channels have highest ROI.

33. Full Circle Insights

Full Circle Insights offers campaign attribution toolset that measures campaign performance natively in Salesforce.

34. Funnel Cake

FunnelCake helps attribution complete buyer’s journey. The tool likes people to offline and online campaigns, content and sales activities.

35. Google Marketing Platform

Data-Driven Attribution from Google uses data from Google Analytics account to generate a custom model for assigning conversion credit to marketing touchpoints.

36. Hive9

Hive9 offers side-by-side comparison of several revenue attribution models, as well as an option to attribute waterfall stages.

37. Impact

Impact has a set of rule-based and machine-learning attribution models for businesses to test out and see which fits their data best.

38. HubSpot

Did you know that HubSpot provides custom attribution reports that analyze interaction that led to conversions on your website? Now you do.

39. InfiniGrow

InfiniGrow is an analytics tool that provides multi-touch attribution and predicts scenario outcomes.

40. Indicative

Indicative is a behavioral analytics tool that helps understand the full customer journey. Combined with Snowplow (see below), it helps attribute conversions to touch points.

41. iProspect

iProspect uses game theory based technology to analyze performance across marketing channels.

42. Ipsos

Ipsos offers multi-touch attribution that combines online and offline channels, taking into account operational and macroeconomic factors.

43. Kochava

Kochava offers holistic, configurable mobile attribution presented on a single panel for all marketing efforts.

kochava attribution

44. Kvantum

Get cross-channel, multi-touch attribution with Kvantum toolset and develop a universal view of your marketing impact.

45. LeadsRx

LeadsRx offers enterprise and ecommerce attribution services. Zero in on high-converting touchpoints and optimize your marketing budget.

46. LeanData

LeanData has fully customizable attribution models that can be adjusted to meet any shape, weight or coverage needs.

47. Localytics

Localytics provides attribution for mobile app performance – it measures and manages user acquisition campaigns.

48. Manthan

Manthan Customer Data Platform gives a strong foundation for cross-channel attribution, avoiding double-counting. Manthan offers solutions for businesses in fashion and apparel, food and groceries, as well as restaurants and convenience stores.

49. Marketing Evolution

Marketing Evolution provides multi-touch attribution software that helps connect sales to ads and optimize spending.

50. MarketSmith

MarketSmith offers a data-backed intelligent attribution platform to visualize and leverage brand history and current media performance.

51. MixCommander

The platform provides complete tracking throughout the impression chain and helps adopt a successful attribution model.

52. MSights

MSIGHTS allows you to instantly analyse results from hundreds of sources for accurate attribution.

53. Newlytics

Newlytics attributes organic search results to leads using a simple tracking code. The service automatically attributes costs and revenue to leads.

54. Objective Platform

Objective Platform helps attribute conversions and optimize investments across channels, both on- and offline.

objective platform attribution

55. OptiMine

OptiMine Insight combines data from offline and online conversions through agile attribution and can be deployed without personally identifiable information, third party consumer data, tagging or cookies.

56. OrigamiLogic

OrigamiLogic provides a platform to tag your marketing campaigns, collect results, and integrate data.

57. Overstack

Overstack will design a full-funnel attribution for your data, provide custom reports and dashboards to share with teams.

58. Owox BI

Owox BI offers funnel-based attribution that considers every conversion channel overcoming shortcomings of rigid position-based attribution models, like linear, time decay or U-shape.

59. Plumb5

Plumb5 provides algorithmic attribution that identifies touchpoints irrespective of their occurrence through monitoring all incoming traffic, recording and assigning value to each interaction, and then filtering for users with successful transactions.

60. Prodlytic

Prodlytic tracks everything your customers do and allows continuous export of raw data Amazon S3, Google BigQuery, and Amazon RedShift.

61. Proof

Proof transforms data into computed portraits of attribution and correlated value. The tool provides stack-ranked view of each investment’s contribution to your business performance.

62. Rockerbox

Rockerbox helps determine value of each marketing touchpoint with the help of all base attribution models as well as machine learning multi-touch models.

63. Ruler

Ruler is a multi-channel attribution platform that helps track campaigns, visitor journeys, measure and attribute value across conversion path. Additionally, compare attribution models and add lead data into a CRM.

64. SAP Customer Attribution

SAP Customer Attribution helps you see what’s working, why and how to optimize spending and improve results. It offers multi-touch attribution on all channels in real time for each touchpoint.

sap attribution

65. Singular

Singular delivers mobile attribution data in a single dashboard and uncovers ROI automatically on a channel, publisher, keyword, and user level.

66. Snowplow

Snowplow collects data and delivers it to your warehouse and surfaces it in real time for you to perform any analysis.

67. SparkFly

Sparkfly enables real-time ROI for multiple channel media tracking to help businesses see who is driving the most in-store activity.

68. Sparkroom

Sparkroom provides a cross-channel, multi-touch attribution dashboard to visualize common customer journeys and identify marketing channel combinations to increase conversions.

69. TapStream

TapStream offers a speedy attribution engine that provides marketing analytics for paid as well as organic acquisition.

70. Tealium

Tealium’s CUBED Attribution Tag provides device-based data delivery directly from a client or device where the data is originating.

71. Terminus

Since acquiring BrightFunnel, Terminus introduced AI-powered multi-touch attribution, account-based measurement and revenue funnel analytics.

terminus attribution

72. TrackMaven

TrackMaven helps connect content to revenue with its multi-channel marketing attribution product that offers integrations with Google AdWords, Marketo, HubSpot, and Salesforce.

73. TrackStreet

Mostly retailed-oriented product, TrackStreet helps improve sales attribution by letting your know which online partners are moving your products.

74. TrenDemon

TrenDemon helps determine the value of each piece of content by tracking users through multiple touchpoints to properly attribute conversions.

75. Tune

Tune offers attribution analytics for apps. Allows for measurement of both registrations and purchases.

76. Visual IQ

Nielsen’s Visual IQ multi-touch attribution collects and de-duplicates data on performance, cost and audience. The service uses algorithmic TrueAttribution model.

77. Wicked Reports

Wicked Reports provides cross-channel attribution and uses UTMs to track clicks from ads to landing pages and records clicks and opt-ins.

78. Windsor

Windsor offers multi-touch attribution modelling software. The tool uses multi-channel machine-learning Bayesian algorithm.

79. Yeti Data

Yeti Data unifies data and analyzes customer behavior and creates predictive models to launched targeted campaigns.

Final thoughts

Customer attribution is an important part of determining your marketing strategy and optimizing your budget, so make sure to test out a few models before settling on one that works best (for now). Zero in your marketing efforts on endeavors that bring you the most results in terms of revenue, engagement or signups!

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