The meaning behind black

Use black to create clever, bossy, distinctive, and effortlessly stylish designs.

About the color

Throughout history, many ancient cultures associated black with evil and negativity. For the Greeks and Romans, black represented all the worst things like death and deception. However, ancient Egyptians associated it with fertility, growth, and life itself. 

Coming out of the dark ages, black is still a very positive and powerful color. Without black, you wouldn't be reading this, fashion would lose its charm, and Schrodinger's cat would never be there.

Type Value
HEX #000000
RGB 0, 0, 0

Application in design

Scientifically speaking, black is actually the absence of color. But in design, black is non-negotiable. It’s the source of shadows, lines, volume, perspective, and mood. 

Black signifies timeless traditions and effortless style (yes, blue jeans might be iconic, but black is much more slimming). 

It is the king of colors when it comes to creating contrast. Black fonts over a white background will always be easiest to read.

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