Dark Blue

The meaning behind purple

Splash your designs with a fancy, regal, bossy and melancholic vibe.

About the color

Bringing together two seemingly opposed shades — blue and red — purple is really a complex color.

Historically, it has been highly valued because of its burdensome production. Until the 18th century, purple could only be made using natural dyes (sea snail spittle). It was one of the most denoted colors and became associated with wealth, power, and royalty.

Purple is still seen as a bit of an odd color, but it has never lost its flair. Famous politicians, like Tony Blair, wear purple ties to demonstrate that they are not the left (red) or the right (blue) but a balanced mix for everyone.

Type Value
HEX #800080
RGB 128, 0, 128
CMYK 0, 1, 0, 0.5

Application in design

Despite being rare in nature, purple is actively used in luxurious fashion and art. In 2018 it was even selected the color of the year.

Unlike a warning red — mysterious purple invites your mind to wander in the present moment. Many brands are using it to express their 'mindful' approach to customers.

Design with purple when it comes to rich offers, promises, and hope.

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