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Create a Magnetic IGTV Cover

Your Instagram account is growing, but there is still room for improvement. Creating an IGTV cover photo calls for a combination of creativity and quality for your video engagement to spike. That’s why you need to create an impeccable IGTV cover photo using the Crello maker.

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Create your IGTV cover online

Having the right Instagram cover for your IGTV video will attract your audience’s attention. Crello offers a wide range of useful tools to make catchy, professional covers for your profile.

create igtv cover online

Enjoy diverse design tools

You can choose stills from your video, add graphics, or explore the template library for samples that fit your idea. Make use of Crello's effective and easy-to-use design tools for your IGTV thumbnails. Also, learn how to change IGTV thumbnails in just a few clicks.

Edit thousands of templates

There are numerous professionally created templates in Crello that you can use. Choose any of them to create a unique cover. When you find the right template, you can customize it to perfection.

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The immense variety of objects

Using the Objects tab, you can add cool stickers, doodles, color filters, and effects to your cover. You can add images and objects, or resize them to create an outstanding IGTV cover for your Instagram.

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Customize your content

Add personality to your IGTV thumbnails project by tweaking a couple of details on the template. Use images, fonts, illustrations, stickers, and more.

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Upload your images

Crello offers thousands of images and shapes, but you can use your own pictures by uploading them to Crello. Unique images will help create a personalized and easily recognisable IGTV cover.

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Enjoy unlimited downloads with Crello Pro

  • Download as many designs as you need
  • Invite team members and design together
  • Get help online with priority support
  • Remove backgrounds from images

How to create an IGTV cover photo

Choose a format

Choose the format you want to use for the IGTV thumbnail. There are dozens of options for your convenience to kickstart your design process.

Select a template

Pick the IGTV template you want to use for your creation. Going through a diverse pool of options might spark your creativity.

Customize the visual

Now you can use your ideas to create a personalized design. This makes your visual unique and helps connect with your audience.

Download and share

Now that you’ve completed your cover, get ready to download and share in the right format on Instagram.


How do I transform design objects?

You can personalize your templates and designs using the Objects tab. If you need to add a new object, simply drag one onto the canvas. You can also drag to remove it.

What editing options are available in Crello?

How do I apply a color mask or filter over a picture in Crello?

What is the maximum size of an IGTV cover?

What is the resolution for an IGTV cover?

Choose your template with Crello

Instagram is a great place to share your striking personality with an IGTV cover.

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