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According to HubSpot stats, 59% of Instagram users visit the platform daily, and 35% of them do it several times a day. It explains why we use Instagram accounts as our business sites: Here we suggest some products or services, and our potential customers can check out our ads in the feed.

Those products or services that we advertise should make a good first impression. Well-designed images are always in trend. So our task is to create powerful Instagram ads, which attract lots of customers.


Crello contains Instagram ads templates with preset sizes, and thanks to this fact, creative process becomes easy and enjoyable.

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Make Instagram ads that work

A good ad maker should not be expensive, and Crello proves it. This tool lets you use eye-catching Instagram templates, 3 500+ photos and 3 500+ vectors for free as well as some paid elements for $0,99. It is more than affordable. What’s more, you do not have to be an experienced designer to use Crello online ad maker.

How does an effective ad look like? It presents information in an easily understood way. It is well-made. Excellent visualization attracts customers, and your product or service gets highly demanded.

Create Your Design

How to create your Instagram ads using Crello

Take these 4 steps
Choose an Instagram Ad Format

Preset size is just fine for the Instagram format.

Pick the Layout

Look through numerous Crello designs to find the right one.

Customize Designs

Upload some images & fonts, change text, background, etc.

Save and Post

PNG is the relevant format for Instagram ads.

Design Instagram ads easy & without budget

One of the greatest Crello advantages is that it is a free ad maker. Of course, you can buy some additional design elements for $0,99, but this is optional.

If you have never tried to create any posters or social media covers in visual editors, it is a good idea to make your first design in Crello. We will show you a number of templates to start with, and here your designing adventure is going to begin.

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