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Create Music Band Flyers in Minutes

If you’re promoting your music band, presentation is the key to success. With a professional and creative music flyer from Crello, you can successfully market your art to the world.

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Generate music band flyers online

Crello has an extensive range of easy-to-use tools and templates that will help you create a gorgeous band flyer. You can post them on your band’s website, blog, or social media.

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Use these Crello tools to get started

You will find different tools to create music band flyers in Crello.

A source of endless inspiration

You can choose from thousands of templates to create music flyers. Whether you need a rock band flyer or a live music flyer, Crello has it.

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Add or remove objects

To make your flyer stand out, Crello offers different objects, images, and stickers for your designs. For instance, you can add a radio, trumpet, or other visuals to your background.

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Add a personal touch to your design

Use your own ideas as you create band flyers with Crello. You can customize any design elements, such as font, color, background, objects, and images. Make your flyer unique with Crello.

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Customize designs with your own images

Add your own pictures to the flyer maker. You can upload images of your band performances to the music flyer.

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Enjoy unlimited downloads with Crello Pro

  • Download as many designs as you need
  • Invite team members and design together
  • Get help online with priority support
  • Remove backgrounds from images

How to create a music band flyer in Crello

Choose a format

Your music event flyer needs a format, whether it’s poster, landscape, portrait, or a social media post. Choose the perfect one.

Select a template

A template determines the background and design of your band flyer. Choose one of the many templates offered by Crello for your design. Whether it’s for an American band or a charity fest, our band flyer maker has the perfect template for you.

Edit the design

Using the different tools available in Crello, you can customize and edit the template to align with your design ideas.

Download and share

You can share the band flyer you create directly through Crello or have it printed. You can also use the designs as a mock-up for your merch.


Is Crello free?

Yes, you can use Crello for free. There are two plans to choose from: Starter, which is the free option, and Pro for $7.99 per month.

Can I print the flyers I design with Crello?

Can I create two-sided flyers?

Can I make animated posters with Crello?

Is it easy to use Crello?

Market your brand with Crello

Use your imagination to create a stand out flyer for your music band. Check out the tools and templates offered by the Crello flyer maker to create a unique piece of art.

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