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Schedule Maker that Gets Your Affairs in Order

Make your own custom schedule for personal use or business with this free schedule maker. Design a beautiful planner that will inspire you to stay organized for the whole day. You don’t need to spend hours on complex design software, make a planner easily and quickly with Crello schedule creator.
cool schedule examples

Make a Schedule to Improve Your Organization Skills

Access Crello online schedule maker app for all the sought after features that make your creations unique in minutes. Design documents essential to planning out your work or study via an easy-to-use builder.
create unique schedule

Create a Schedule with Our Easy Design Tools

Crello offers you a wide range of capabilities in making schedules. Make a schedule from scratch or take up any of the professionally-designed templates to get you started.

Access Free Templates

With the endless library of templates for all major social media, web, and print, you will always know where to come for inspiration. We have a variety of planner templates that were made by expert designers. Weekend planners, daily schedules, itinerary or workout planners, and more. The possibilities are endless because you can edit each of them to your heart’s content!
schedule templates

Easy Editing Features

Our schedule generator enables you to make edits to templates till you like the end result. Edit every aspect of it. Change design objects, text, background, colors, and more. Upload your own design content to make it even more personalized and unique!
edit your schedule

Hundreds of Fonts

Stand out and make an inspirational design with access to more fonts than you can use in one document. Pick from hundreds of fonts for 20 languages or upload your own. Can you imagine how awesome the font will look when you print your planner?

Customize Professional Planners

Need to add branding onto your schedule or make a very specific narrow-field planner? Crello has got you covered. Make a planner for an educational course, sports, for your colleague, employee, and even the one to plan your cat’s meals. The choice is yours, and you can design anything you want with Crello!
customize schedule

Resize Your Design

Make the schedule templates your own by resizing according to your needs. You won’t have to squeeze additional notes to make sure all your events are easy to read through. You can make your daily study timetable fit snugly onto a page.
resize your design

Tips For Making Awesome Schedules

Don’t be afraid to move things around
Until you are satisfied, don’t be afraid to move things around in your design. Crello allows you to make as many changes as you want. You can shift the position of design elements and flip or rotate objects too.
Use different fonts and styles
Although Arial and Times New Roman are the basic and most-used fonts, try exploring new options. There is so much more you can convey with different styles. Increase the ease of reading and draw more attention to priority statements with the right fonts.
Make use of our huge design library
Your design skills won't be a hindrance to your prowess in Crello schedule maker. Our library doesn’t only house templates, it has so many images, illustrations, and design objects to give your visuals a professional feel.
Aim for clarity
Whatever your organizer is meant for, clarity is key to its effectiveness. Avoid cluttering your schedule with details that won’t be useful or printable. Stick to simple and clear designs and take a cue from our ready made templates.

Enjoy unlimited downloads with Crello Pro

  • Download as many designs as you need
  • Invite team members and design together
  • Get help online with priority support
  • Remove backgrounds from images

How to Make a Planner in Crello

Create a Crello Account

Sign up for Crello. A single account gives you access to design tools and content. You get your designs automatically saved and can revisit them anytime.
how to create schedule planner step1

Handpick a professional template

Start your creative process by picking the right template. Browse through thousands of planner templates along with other printable materials, social media posts, ads, Stories, and blog graphics.
how to create schedule planner step2

Customize design components

The artboard is very simple to navigate. You can manipulate just about any part of the document from layout to text. Resizing your schedule document is also possible. Add or replace graphics and upload your own images or fonts onto the schedule with a few drag-and-drop actions.

Preview for export and print

Review your work before exporting and make edits if needed. You can always revisit your schedule even after printing it.
how to create schedule planner step4


I can’t find a suitable template. What should I do?

Thankfully, all the templates available are editable. Just pick one that gives you a good foundation and get to editing. You also have the option to start from scratch, with all the numerous images, fonts, and design objects at your disposal.

What can I change on a template?

The short answer is, anything you want. Embrace your creative freedom, the toolbar, and our media library. You are able to transform multiple design objects, resize the document, remove photo backgrounds, change the layout, and much more.

How do I modify design objects?

The objects tab on the Crello interface allows you to find all the design elements we have in Crello. Once you click on the object you want to edit, take a look at the upper bar of the artboard with editing features. You can change the size of the object or rotate it by dragging its corners. Add lines, borders, icons, shapes, apply animated effects, and play with everything we have to see what awesome things you can design.

How do I add special symbols to my text?

When you click on the text block, you can see all the settings for this block on the left panel. There you will find the “æ” button that allows you to add special symbols on your schedule design.

Thousands of Design Templates

Browse through our endless, ever-growing collection of design templates and make your pick.

Bright Weekly Planner With Cosmic Drawings
Daily Planner On Yellow Wild Flowers
Daily Meal Planner In Frame With Lemons And Avocado
Weekly Planner On Pink Abstraction
Event Planner With Candies And Cakes
Yoga Journal With Woman Doing Exercise
Daily Planner On Paint Blots
Weekly Meal Planner In Orange Frame
Weekly Planner On Purple Gradient Texture
Daily Planner With Garden Supplies
Party Planner On Bright Colourful Pattern
Shopping List With Dishes And Fruits On Table
Travel Planner In Yellow Flowers Frame
Tuesday Planner With Colourful Blots
Cooking Plan In Frame With Fruits
Daily Planner On Pink Texture
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